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CAT WON"T LET US SLEEP!!!! please help us...

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this has been happening everynight for the past week. right when we are about to dose off, she starts yelling and sprinting around our apartment, which is a one bedroom so needless to say her lap time is quite short. she jumps on our bed meows in our ears, and it doesn't matter if we wake up and pet her or feed her. it is making us tired all the time and if it continues it will surely begin to effect our work. PLEASE HELP US!!! thank you.
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I am in the middle of the same problem, they say just ignore them but I know that is not possible, the cat will just keep going and going right?

Try the standar things first
- Play with them before bed
- Feed them wet food before bed
- lock him in another room ( I know the place is too small right?)

The only thing that worked for us is if once and a while I will go lay out on the couch in the living room and sleep there for a while, then he will be around me and fall asleep after a bit.

I am told they will grow out of it but it's annoying I know.
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Install a cat condo in your bedroom-
Feed wet food right before bedtime
Interactive playtime right before bed about 10 minutes of hard play with a toy on a string or similiar object. Even turning out the lights and using a small flashlight to see if she will chase it.
This is their prey drive, it is fully engaged in these hours as that is when their prey is out. Your cat is probably responding to what she hears moving around within your walls and under your floor, their hearing is that keen.
Shut your bedroom door and plant the dreaded vacuum cleaner outside blocking it.
Give your cat an alternate and nicer place to sleep than your bedroom
Invest in earplugs and IGNORE the antics.
Don't get angry at the cat, this is her instinctive nature and something she cannot help.

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Emmett's been doing this too lately. I've started playing with him for about an hour before I decide to go to bed. I really play with him. When he wants to stop I keep playing. He'll usually sleep the night or with a lot less bugging. I"m going to try the wet food thing before bed, that might give him a full belly and a tuckered disposition.
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The idea of playing with your cat before you go to bed is a good one. I really don't have this problem with my other cats, but Amber is a different story. She has LOTS of energy, so a good play session always helps. We also take her for car rides and that sort of stimulation really satifies her. Another idea, you may want to get another cat, if at all possible. I am not sure if you have more than one. But they will keep each other company.
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I posted the same problem, obviously i was so singular in my thinking that I though I was the only one with this problem and my cat was knowingly being difficult. Nah I'm kiddin, i did some research in animal psychology very minimal research. The cat loves to sleep with us at night, and I dont feel comfortable with that. It sleep either righ next to me pressed against my stomache or next to my wife. My wife doesn't move during the night but I do, and I am afraid I may crush the little guy while I sleep. I am 170-180lbs.
Some very good advice here. I will try, but one concern I was told not to feed a young cat wet food. I heard it gives them diarreah, and I definately will NOT like that.
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Wet food when introduced gradually does not cause diarrhea. Unless it is poor quality wet food, or the junk food for kitties-Fancy Feast-We have 9 kitties of which 6 sleep with us next to us every night.
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9 KITTENS, *faints*.....okay I'm back up heh heh. I am having so much adjustment troubles with one and you have nine sleeping with you. I admire your patience.
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Awww, there is nothing like a warm purring kitty sleeping with you at night. I am 6'3" and weigh 205 pounds and have not crushed any of them during the night. My wife and I have 8 cats that share our home
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same thing going on with us,Alley is always licking my face
and playing with my hair when im trying to sleep
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I have the same problem. I adopted two kitties last summer. I have not slept soundly since. Every night at around 4:00 A.M. they begin to play and get into stuff and ONLY IN MY BEDROOM. We have tried locking them out of our bedroom but they scratch on the door and want back in. I feed them in the kitchen, but then they want to come right back in to play.

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I think playing with the kittens earlier really helps.. even if it means waking them up while they are sleeping during the day. This tires them out by the night so they sleep when you do.
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Rosie has always done this from being a kitten. It normally happens between 10-11PM. I call it her 'mad half hour'!!, bless her

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