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Our daily thread for Sunday, July 29

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Wow! What a day!

Hubby had to check some 4*4 jeep routes in the Galilee and I decided to join him. There was another guy with him (a civilian) and we took our dog Bambi.

We had a wonderful time. Drove through the beautiful lowere Galilee )see pictures here...) and went along a lovely little stream. We saw some wonderful birds including a stork and a falcon and lots of water birds. We even spotted a jackal (sp?). It was a hot day, but we had a great Toyota Hilax (4WD) with great airconditioning and we basically never left the car.

We climbed some steep hills and went down them and that was a lot of fun too. Then, towards the end of the route we needed to cross the stream. The other guy that was with us has a lot of experience driving jeeps and he promised us that we can cross the stream without a hitch. Hubby was skeptical, but the other guy was very convincing (and you know what men are like... he couldn't say no to the challenge - no offense guys!).

Well, as you can guess we managed to cross half the stream Yep, the car just got stuck in the watery mud and wouldn't budge forward or backward - what fun! The guys had no choice but to leave the car and wade in the thick deep mud... They actually had to dig the car out with their hands. It was very hard not to laugh when that guy's expensive Ralph Lauren pants got mud all over them (way above the knees). For a minute there I thought he was going to lose his expensive sneakers in there too

After about 30 minutes of hard work in the heat (I was sitting in the car giving advice ) The car finally decided to mount the rocks they put under its wheels and reversed out of the stream... We then discovered there was a bridge right next to where we were trying to cross (I swear it was less than 20 yards down the stream). As we went over the bridge the car went dead. Now the ignition wouldn't work... Luckily another vehicle drove by and the driver told us he would come back with cables and an air compressor for the wheels (apparently when you need to get a car out of the mud you have to let all the air out - don't ask me why).

We got back to the car and hubby switched it on just for sake of trying and lo and behold the engine came back to life! But our happiness was short lived... A few yards later we decided that it was impossible to drive with 4 totally flat tires So, we sat down and waited for the guy to come with the mobile aircompressor... He was a real nice guy and came back with his dad and two brothers - all farmers from the nearby village. They filled us with some air and then led us to their home where we used the larger compressor and everything finally got well... From there we just headed back home on the main road - we felt that we had enough adventures for one day and it was best not to try navigating the rest of the route in the dark.

So, here I am now, it's past 10 PM and I'm dead tired but very satisfied... I had a lot of fun, especially as no one expected me to stick my legs and hands into that nasty mud

Hope the rest of you have a great day too! Enjoy these pics of the Galilee!


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Hi Anne.

Sounds like a great day! Those are great pictures. I would love to see Isreal. But at my age I don't think so. Just satisfied with pictures. Think a group from our church may try to go next year.

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What an adventured filled day - mine was (and is) much less exciting! The pics you attached are absolutely wonderful. As for the guys and their stubborness........I have decided that is is definately "just a guy thing" and will never be explained!:tounge2:
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Your trip sounds like when I used to go off-roading.Of course we TRIED to see who could get stuck the worst..

That's a very beautiful country..I pray that someday you can all live at peace.

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I've just missed the midnight deadline for this thread, but I'm posting here anyway! Say, that was quite the adventure you had. The photographs are lovely. I'm glad you encountered some good people who helped you.

My Sunday was dull.

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