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About Ocicats

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My next chosen cat will be an ocicat kitten. It won't be anytime in the near future. However I am curious about a few things. Are there any known genetic problems in the breed? Are they predisposed to any particular physiological problems? I can't seem to find enough information on the internet. I've had a terrible time looking for photos on ocicats, in particular, colour and pattern of the spots. I'm not interested in showing, I simply want one as a pet.
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DOH! >_<

This is in the wrong forum. I'm sorry folks. Ummm...could a friendly mod help me move it....I can't seem to budge it.
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If you have any cat shows in your area , maybe there you can find a breeder and talk to her/him about the cats personality and all the other question you may have . Also you can look on the internet for breeders , some have some info on their webpage . Or you just can get in contact with a breeder or two on the internet and get all the info you are looking for . A good breeder usualy will be happy to help you with all your question . Good luck
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I'm aquainted with an Ocicat owner who says her cat is shy and will only be pet on her own terms. But this may not neccessarily be a breed trait. I know that this is pretty unqualified, but it's hard to get honest descriptions of personality from some breeders. Not that they would lie - but they may tell half truths. They are essentially trying to sell you a "product" so they are only going to tell you the positives. I did hours upon hours of research on the personality of bengals and I was still suprised with some of the bizarre quirks of my kitty. Now of course that I've lived with one, I can see what was being said between the lines! I'd say talk to Ocicat pet owners if you can.
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Here are some links on the breed (with pics of the various colours):

Cat Fanciers

CFA - Ocicat Breed

Ocicat Info

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Hi Mags. Since you live in good old Aussie(WHO bythway Lost the World cup to a better team, England.) there should be a few cat shows around, depends what area you're in. Check one out I think there are a few Ocicat breeders over there. Good luck they are the cutest friendliest kitties. Sam.
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Thank you guys!

No at shows in my area. Plenty of information about dogs though. The area just adores dogs. I'll try contact the Australian Breeders Association see if they can tell me of a breeder, preferably in Western Australia.

Thank you Russian Blue. The sites were great.

Sam, I was rooting for England to win so that Australia wouldn't be drowned in more World Cup parafenalia. (I'm not a fan of cross country brawling. ) But we did defeat New Zealand...
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