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Where are you?!?!?! I miss your posts! Come out of hiding before I gather an army to hunt you down! Waaaaah! I miss laughing from your posts! Coooome back! I promise not to PM you anymore!
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Gee whiz, Cassie, calm down! I was out of town for the weekend with my best friend visiting his mother . She has a new 12 week old kitten to accompany her 20 year old grandpa cat. His name is Blue, and I've got to say, he is about the baddest kitten I have ever met! I have never seen a little one with so much energy! He gets into literally everything! The Sunday newspaper was in shreds all over the floor! He is quite a little sweetie, though.

Anyway, it's nice to be missed. Thanks.
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LOL. Sounds like my boy Jake.. but thank goodness he's starting to calm down a lil bit. He was a holy terror when we first got him! And of course you were missed
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Gald you had fun over the weekend but you were really missed. BTW, have you ever lived with an aby then you would know what a terror could be. They act like kittens when they are adults. They saying is that an aby never grows up. Glad you're back and looking forward to your funnies.

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so glad you're back!!!!

hope you had a wonderful weekend!

you were missed
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Deb, you are always missed when you aren't around for a few days!!!
We all wonder where you are, and worry about you!!
I still miss seeing your face on every post, I wish you would consider changing your avator back.....just my opinion, though!!!
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that's a great idea!!!!!!!!!!

bring your face back on the avatar!!!!!

I miss it as well

:angel2: :angel2:
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I'm in agreement with Debby and AP! Bring your face back Deb!
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Well there you go, you HAVE to change it back! It is unanimous!!!!!
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It's even more unanimous now - I love your new avatar but I do miss your face.
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bring back the face! bring back the face!

we want the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we miss the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv ya Deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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*runs out to make the posters so we can rally in front of Deb's house* There.. now AP, Billie, Debby... you guys can pick which poster you want.. personally I think I'm gonna print out a copy of her face from the gallery.. glue it on to the poster.. and rant and rave until she goes mad and agrees to show the face!

:LOL::LOL:LOL:LOL: :laughing:
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I'm going to take the poster that says 'show us your face...we love you!!!!!'

I think blocking off the street in front of her house will help as well

who brought the bullhorn?
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DOH! The Bullhorn! I *KNEW* I forgot something!

Maybe Debby or Billie can pick that up??
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just fyi,

I secured the airplane with the banner flying behind it.

the banner says

'Bring back the face'

nothing fancy but every letter costs and we don't have much of a budget so I had to keep it simple.
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Thanks AP. As you can see.. I'm not good at organizing these things. *sigh* I'm still learning I think. So.. Debby or Billie.. one of em.. is bringing the Bullhorn. I'm handling the posters.. you took care of the banner on the plane... now.. all we need to cover is refreshments.. there is no telling how long Deb is gonna make us stand out there before she gives in! How is our funding looking AP? We gonna have enough to cover our refreshments for the ralliers (is that even a word?!)
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as far as refreshments go, I was able to convince Krispy Kreme to donate donuts. they pick a couple charities a year to support and luckily we were one of them.

I sprung for the coffee out of my own pocket.

we have $13 dollars left in the budget but I'm waiting to hear back if microsoft will give us a grant.
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I will make finger sandwhiches and also bring bottled water and soda as well. Maybe some chips too? You know.. if I brought my grill from home.. maybe we could turn this rally into a bar-b-que too! Just a thought. If thats feasable then I'll buy the hotdogs and hamburger meat outta my pocket.. and hopefully we can afford to get enough bread for it all.
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well if microsoft comes through with the money, we will be able to have steak!
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You people are like paparozzi. (<--- have NO idea on the spelling of that one). The face stays in hiding, and I am thinking about moving lock, stock, and barrel to an underground fortess in an abandoned missle silo somewhere in rural Nevada.
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Hey Deb. I know alot of people here in Nevada so I can hunt you down and I think everyone will cheer me on. Right gang.

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we sure would cheer you on. I would donate flashlights and those helmets with the lights on them so you all could look for her through the tunnels.

love ya deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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who's going to Nevada with me?!?!?!

CS, Debby, Billie, where is everybody?!?!
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Deb....WHY is the face staying in hiding??? *whines* WHY?????
I love your beautiful smile, and I seriously miss seeing it on all your posts.....don't make me pull rank here.... :tounge2:
If you really don't want to use it, that is your option, and we will back off....won't we guys...*errrr...for now...{shuffle, shuffle}, I reckon*

PS guys....I didn't forget the bullhorn, who needs a bullhorn when you have MY big mouth!!!!
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OK Debby, Cassie, AP here I am ready to bring whatever you say and go anywhere you want including Nevada. I reckon I'll have some troubles getting a visa but when I explain the goal of my quest even teh visa officials may join in!
WHere's the face?????
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Oh come on now Deb, Billie is risking the officials for you so show us that face!!!!!!!!!!
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Okay AP. I have assembled a team and we're heading out to Nevada as soon as you give us a time and place to meet. You will not evade us Deb! We wanna see the face!!!
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let's meet at the 7-11 this weekend.

we'll storm her then.

I'll bring the yoo-hoo!
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