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I Goofed Up *sniff*

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Late afternoon, three days ago, I went out to move the sprinkler in my backyard. I heard a rustle in my rather long grass, a movement of what I thought was a snake. I don't know why, but I screamed like a little girl. I'm fine with snakes, I even like them but I was startled.

Anywhooo...the snake turned out to be Caped Crusader. I think I may have scared him off. I haven't seen him back, though then again, he could be hiding in the brass out the back. We're going to mow it this weekend so if he does come back, at least we'll see him.

It feels like I'm back to where I started. He literally scooted out from a spot within my reach after I screamed. *sigh*
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He's probably around, but a little startled. If you put some smelly food out, I'm sure he'll be back. Cats are territorial and if he's been around awhile, I doubt he'd take off after one scare. And if he is willing to come so close, it doesn't sound like he's that skittish to begin with. (Some of our ferals stay 60-feet away and won't let you come closer).

Our ferals will disappear for a week or weeks at a time, and then show up. I don't think they go far, but they can hide pretty well in wood piles, sheds, on neighboring properties and such.

I scout the area every day and never saw our feral kittens....they were hiding in a garbage pile and groundhog hole just one property over. When I knew they were around, I'd go out late at night and find them feeding, but I'd never see them in the light of day. I would have never known they were there. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Moral of the story: There's still hope!

Only worry about the things you can control.

And don't forget, food is a huge incentive for cats to make their presence known.
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I know all that. My brain tells me that. I just feel so stupid and silly for screaming out like I did. Hearing your words of encouragement has helped. Thank you.
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(((((Hugs)))))) Mags! I agree with Scott - you've come so far with your Caped Crusader I sincerely doubt one scare (for both of you!) will damage your relationship for too long. I had a similar experience with Lazlo. And he not only came back - as you (probably) know, he became our first inside kitty.

Any sign of the boy? And at the very least - are you leaving food out that's disappearing?
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Mine come and go also, and Larry disappeared for about a year and a half once (boy were we glad when he reappeared!). Here's hoping that your little Caped Crusader will return soon!!
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He returned yesterday!

And I got a head bonk!!! Yay for me! And after last time he let me touch him, I left it at that even though I REALLY wanted to pick him up and cuddle him to bits.

Though on a sad note, I noticed an approximately 6 month old kitten in my yard this morning with one eye. I think she had only just lost it in the last 24 hours. And the other eye was teary. She is definitely someone's pet as she was approaching me but only got scared off with next door's puppies yapping. I was going to rush her off to the vet.
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Oh Mags! What a "good news bad news" story!!!! I am SO GLAD to hear about your Caped Crusader!!!!! WELCOME HOME!!!!! I'm sure he knows how glad you were to see him - and you are so strong for fighting that urge to cuddle him to bits, LOL!

But that poor kitty!!!! I wouldn't care either if it was someone's pet. Especially if it was someone's pet - I'm sure they'd appreciate her being taken care of under such circumstances. Poor baby!
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Caped Crusader comes into the yard DURING THE DAY now!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw him this morning when I woke up and figured that he would be dashing off soon....but I've just seen him again in the grass jungle that we have out the back. It is supposed to be mowed on Saturday, perhaps I should forget about the mowing.

The 6 month old kitten hasn't been back since that I know of. I just hope she's been taken care of.
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More good news...well actually FANTASTIC news!!!

I've been saving money on the side for Caped Crusader to be neutered...and hasn't been easy with not working for the past week or so.

He's already been neutered!!! YAY!!! I know he's not a female since I've seen his rear end sooooooooooooo many times. He rolled on his back in the grass exposing his belly!!! And he's had the snip!!!! ^_^
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