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My FIV cat and my other cats

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I have good news. I had taken in an FIV positive stray about a year ago. I found out he was FIV when I took him to get fixed. I was a difficult decision on whether to keep him or not. The deciding factor was that he was lukemia negative. At that time I took Curzon in and anthor stray, Judd, in to get tested. They were both negative. In May I had Curzon tested again. Again negative. Just today I had him again tested and again, negative.

Curzon is the cat that interacts most with Ilan, so I figured that if he is negative it is a good bet that everybody else is also.

I did some reseach to find out about FIV and it appears that the most likely way for it to spread is through a deep bite.

I do not keep Ilan seperate for my other cats, so I was concerned about the possible spead of the decease. I am very happy that that has not occured. Ilan is a wonderful cat. He is my alpha male. When Curzon gets too whinny or beats up on Judd, Ilan will disciple him, cat style. When I feed the cats, Ilan waits until everybody else eats and then he eats. He is such a gentlecat.

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Annette - my ex-stray is also FIV and also displays that same gentleness that you speak off. He is also the most affectionate cat that will climb into our laps at the first opportunity and is always up for kitty loving. However, it was also a tough decision whether to take him in and risk the health of my 2 persians but I'm glad I took it.

Apart from the occasional stand-off, there has never been any sign of aggression between FIV Ferdy and the others so I am quietly confident that this status quo will remain.
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I'm VERY happy to read this because I also have one FIV postive cat. Snowwhite, (the mom of Nimbus, stormy, blizzy, and ashton) tested postive. All of her babies tested negative. She is a feral that we took in. She is a wonderful mother, and has had such a hard life. Also so she actually helped us when we rescued two kittens! She raised the two kittens for us, nursed them and all (granet and marble). She doesn't interact much with the other cats but she does like to see them so we aren't keep her seperate.
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Fred, my 16 year old male, is FIV+. He is not a biter, either. He is still alpha, but is not mean about it. He has begun teaching our latest addition, Pepe' his manners, and will just hold him down or whack him on top of the head to get him to act right. He has not ever bitten any of the other cats as far as I know. They all love him, so I guess if he were mean when we are not looking, they wouldn't fuss over which one gets to snuggle with him. He just usually ends up at the bottom of the cat pile.
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