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Toby jealous of new dog

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My story is a it complicated so I am desperate for some help/advice. I live in a small house with a small yard. The first animal to arrive was 10 year old Annie who I rescued from the pound. Next I fell in love with Toby, who is a big (part persion) desexed tom who I also got from the pound when he was six weeks old.
Then I got Samira, a little Oriental cat and Tobby and Samira became like brother and sister - they slept together, ate together, played together and groomed each other - it was beautiful to see.
Now comes the fly in the ointment. Being a sucker for a sob story a friend of mine who runs a dog refuge made me take Zoe, who is a x maltese terrior and very sweet.
However, Toby HATES her with a passion and is becoming a bit feral, only coming in to eat and has completely rejected Samira to the point of hissing and spitting at her.
Obviously we can't go on like this. By the way, Samira and Zoe sleep together!
I try to spend time alone with Toby when there are no othere animals in the room and show him how much I love him, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good.
Can SOMEBODY please think of a way I can bring balance into my life without sacrificing any of the animals or my sanity.

Many thanks

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There is no way to force a cat and dog to get along with each other. It can happen, but you need an obedient dog, a lot of patience and a lot of time. You want to introduce the dog and the cat together, only when you have the dog under your strictest control (hence the obedience) A leash, just won't cut it sometimes, the dog has to obey your verbal commands even when the cat is running away in fright.

It almost sounds like this home would be happier without the dog in it. Unless Zoe is well versed on the basic commands, I would seriously consider finding another place for her. The cross breed that she is makes her an animal with a high prey drive.
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Thanks so much for your quick reply but I COULDN'T get rid of Zoe - she has had a terribly abused life and for the first time she is happy. I wll just be patient and hope they all settle down with each other. Thank you again.
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I'm curious, do you still have Annie? Although you didn't say, I'm assuming she is a cat, too. Does Annie get along with your dog Zoe?

Maybe Toby is jealous? It might be better to provide him with his own safe (away from the dog) spot to sleep and maybe a toy that is just his (or take an old shirt, that smells like you.). Sounds like right now he has to share everything and he might be struggling to find where he fits in and what he can call his own. As he is reassured of his place in the mix, hopefully he'll settle down.

Are your females spayed? An altered male can still smell a female in heat, but I don't know to what extent it would cause a reaction.

Have things improved in the few days since you originally posted this question?
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Thanks so much for your quick reply! Firstly Annie is a dog, so we have two dogs and two cats!

Secondly, Toby has been making tentative overtures to new dog Zoe and last night I had the job of 4 hot bodies on or near my bed (the temperature here is about 29 degrees C (that's hot!!!), so hopefully everyone will settle down into peace and harmony. Thanks again. I reall enjoy this site and will log on whenever I can.

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hehehe Did you name your dog after yourself?
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