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Ring Worm

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Jordan has had ring worm probably since I got him, but he has had signs for like a month now. I took him to the vet a couple weeks ago got a culture to be sure, had both cats dipped, & both have been on oral medication for like 3 weeks now. I took them back this past Saturday & Levi's culture had come back negative, but Jordans positive, well a little over a week ago Jordan developed another small circular spot on his face where the hair fell out. So the Vet did ANOTHER culture & I'm waiting for the results on that, but because it is suspicious both are still being treated with the medication. (very expensive medication I might add) My question is has anyone else ever had to treat ring worm & if so how long did it take before it was finaly cleared up?
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I've had trouble with it before - several years ago the cats had it bad, and I couln't use the antifungal drug Griseofulvicin on them because it made two of my cats very sick - they had a bad reaction to it, so I had to use the old-fashioned bathe & dip method, and had trouble with reinfection.

During my last bout with it the vet told me to try using Program (the oral flea control). Apparrently there have been studies showing it can be effective in controlling ringworm. The dose is different for ringworm than for flea control. It's supposed to be very safe - my cats did fine with it, unlike with the griseofulvicin. You might want to ask your vet about it - couln't hurt to give it a try, and it seemed to work for my cats.

The first bout with just bathe & dip control seemed to go on & off for more than a year. The second bout, with Program & bathing with antifungal shampoo, seemed to go away after about 2 months - complete hair regrowth & no more loss since then (that was a couple of years ago).
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