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Dislocated Tibula

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Reggae fell on Sunday and dislocated her tibula and has a cast on her entire tiny leg. The doc said that it will take 2-3 weeks to heal. I feel absolutely horrible (it's partly my fault, I startled her, not intentionally but all the same). She moving around and playing as normal, but I am wondering if any of you have kitties that had brakes, dislocations, sprains in their "kittenhood"...did it cause problems in "Cathood"?
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[[[[Hugs]]]] As in humans it's most likely better that it happened early on - they heal so well!!!
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Jake (a kitten I adopted out) dislocated his leg at about 4 weeks old. At 7 months he is showing no signs of problems (and never did after it was fixed).

If your wondering how he did it, a 4 year old girl picked him up incorrectly when I turned my back for a moment.
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My kitten just fractured his leg last Wednesday. He is in a leg cast too. I am trying to keep him from moving around too much but it is near impossible. I'm sorry for your kitty.
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((((((((( Poor Babies! )))))))))
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