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Disatisfied with old vet, love new vet

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the first vet I took Reggae to I hated. It was so far out and the staff was clueless and not very personable with my kitty and I. 1 time was enough for me. So I switched and now I'm very happy with my new vet. I'm one of those consumers who likes to voice satisfaction/disatisfaction. Would it be totally evil to send a letter to the 1st vet and diplomatically express why I will not be returning or would that be a waste of time?
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Was it the vet that you were not happy with ot just the rest of the staff? Either way, I would write a letter. The vet may not be totally aware of how his/her staff is treating the clients. This is the only way they can find out what they are doing wrong. Glad to see you found a better vet. I am 100% happy with ours. The vet as well as the rest of the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable
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The vet seemed to be rushing me and wasn't very personable. I like when vets and staff talk to my pet. Also the front desk person seemed CLUELESS, like she was smoking something, really distant.
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It's a good thing you found a new vet. I went to one when I adopted a 10 year old kitty from a local shelter. The first visit was free, but the vet seemed very impatient with the cat. It was obvious that the cat was scared to be there, but the vet was almost to the point of getting mad. After that, I took that kitty to our regular vet who was more than happy to see her.
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To answer your initial question, yes, I think you should write a very polite, diplomatically worded letter. I own a retail business, and although I would be unhappy about hearing that a customer was dissatisfied, I would sure appreciate it. We often say, why don't people just tell us why they didn't come back...

And you may find out that there was a special reason for the problems.
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Go for it, write a letter. Too often people don't write letters when they are dissatisfied. Be sure to let the vet know specifically why they lost you as a patient. If the vet is unaware of the manner in which they treat you they may want to improve their manner with other patients. Or the vet could be happy with how things are and not change. It is a nice courtesy on your part.

Just think of what you would want to know if you were the vet. What would politely get your attention and encourage you to consider changes?

Out of curiousity, if the vet were to take steps to improve, would you return to him? If you'd consider it, let him know that, too.
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