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Posting pictures

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Question and problem: I use Snapfish with other websites to post my pictures from, but this site won't accept a pic from Snapfish - I see this instead of the picture.

What to do???

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I am not sure what the trouble is, but even when I copy and paste this link directly into my browser, I still don't get a picture. Perhaps the link is bad?
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OK let me try this again, maybe I didn't copy it right

Too strange. If I copy and paste the address in my address bar, it goes to the picture. If I use the IMG bar above and paste it into the field, then it shows up in the post like it dos above, and doesn't link. They LOOK the same to me, but something must be different. Here's the link copied straight from Snapfish.


This program truncates it in the middle, and won't let it link from here either.

What to do????
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I still don't get the picture at all. Perhaps you need to open the picture in a separate window. Or maybe you can see it becuase it's your account.
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for some reason spapfish doesen't work here because
others have tried it and got the same thing
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