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hiding things in the litter pan

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I wasn't sure if this should go under the behavior section, or if it would be considered a funny little habit. Anyway, one of my kittens has taken to sticking all of my daughters hair scrunchies in the litter pan and then covering them up. This isn't setting very well with my daughter. On top of that my kitten winkers has taken it upon herself to make sure the litter pan is well tended to. As soon as she finds one of the hair scrunchies she jumps out and just screams. Once I have managed to get all the non litter pan related objects out, winky will jump back in and continue her scooping duties.
Although we have cleaned the pan out, the hair accessories end up back in there. I have heard of dogs taking off with objects to hide them, but not kittens. Does anyone else have a cat that likes to hide things, not necessarily in the litter pan?
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I think I have told this before, but I am old and senile and you have to oblidge me. . . . :jarswim:

My cat, Handsome,(7yr. old Maine Coon type), loves to hide the baby Jesus from the nativity set each year when we set it up. No other piece; just the baby Jesus! Some times, if we can't find it right away; we are forced to go buy another baby Jesus. As of last Christmas we have purchased 4 in the last 7 yrs. Most of them we have never found; so he hides them well. I don't think he has ever hidden them in the litter box, but we may have thrown it out without knowing. . . . .

Another cute ltter box story: My twin girls, Smokey Josephinea and Squeaker Elizabeth always go to the litter box together because Miss Smokey thinks she is too good to touch the litter!!
She ballances on the side of the plastic dishpan; does her business(be it #1 or #2), and then leaves. Miss Squeaker then comes to the box and covers said mess for her sister. It is so cute the way Squeaker will sit outside the litter closet and wait for her sister to finish and then go in and "cover" for her. They have been doing this since they were about 2 o 3 months old. They will be 8yrs. this November. Smokey does not go with Squeaker when she visits the litter box, but Squeaker always accompanies Smokey. I guess they have a "way" of telling each other when it is "potty time".
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TLK - You could write a book given all of your fur baby stories! They never fail to give me a chuckle or a smile!

One of my children will take her table treats and 'hide' them under the coffee table in the livingroom. Grazing for later?
I have found various objects from time to time in with the litter - but nothing on a regular basis.
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Alex is into stealing metal objects. He hides rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches. I try to keep all of these away from him, but lately he has started taking them directly off my body. I think he's trying to be cuddly, but no, he just wants to pull my clip earring off. He also likes coins: nickels, dimes, and quarters. No pennies. My husband puts his pocket change on the dresser at night, and often wakes up around 35 cents short. I tell Greg that Alex won't stop, just put the money elsewhere, but Greg keeps putting it out in the open. I think he secretly enjoys the game too.
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Oh my gosh!! Shannon....that is too funny!!! You didn't tell me about the scrunchies!!! Which one is hiding them?
Darlene....your story about the baby Jesus is so sweet!!! Maybe your cat just wants to protect him!!! :laughing:
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Jake dosen't hide them, but if he sees one of the little fuzzy pony tail holders he starts playing with it. He will throw it, jumps around it, paw it, puts it on his nose. It is very funny.
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I have never found objects in the litter box, but our little Katie likes to collect things and bring them to the hallway by the downstairs bathroom door. You never know what you will find there....stuffed animals, socks, once eve a bra was in the hallway. She always deposits them in the same place.
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My girls have never hidden anything in the litterbox, but Lily has started a new game.
She loves to play Fetch with her mouse, never had a cat who fetched before, but she'll do it until my arm just about falls off!
When I go to bed, she wants to play fetch, so she brings me the mouse and drops it on me while I'm in bed. I throw it for her a few times, then put it on the dresser where she can't reach it (for now).
In the morning I give it back to her, take my shower, and when I come back to the bedroom, the mouse is on my pillow! This has happened everyday for the last 3 weeks! I guess that's her signal that it's time to play fetch?
It works too, because I throw it for her several times before going back to getting dressed and ready for the day! She's getting Way too smart!

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Cleo!!!!!!!! I know what you mean!!!!!!!!! When Merlin was younger, he used to love to play fetch with this mini leapard beanie baby, I got free in a McDonald's happy meal!
I would be trying to go to sleep, and up on the bed he would jump, purring, with this thing in his mouth and drop it on me. So I would throw it off the bed. Down he goes, and wherever it landed he got it, and right back up he jumped to drop it on me. I started getting creative and throwing it in all the corners of the room, just to see if he could find it. But oh ya, he could...and "plunk" right on my chest. So... after awhile I would have to put it under my pillow, so he would leave me alone and I could get some sleep!
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We have learned to keep our watches and rings and glasses either on our person or shut in a drawer. Ripster takes these items upstairs when she finds them lying around and deposits them in the litter box. Our guests who don't believe us when we warn them, sometimes are in for quite the surprise the next morning...LOL
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It has to be smokey joe that is hiding my kids scrunchies. It is becoming quite a problem. Not that the scrunchies are ruined or anything, but winkers is developing an attitude that is awful. She makes this awful screaming noise that is much worse than before, and her tail swithces all over. I have been given a couple of good swats by winks for trying to get the extras from the pan. Kind of like she is trying to tell me that if I find the situation funny, I am very wrong. She slept in the fresh litter today for about an hour.
I think she was trying to get the message across that she tolerates the other two using the litter, but it had darn well better not be for hiding things in.
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Shannon! Winkey's antics in the litterbox are just so cute!!! I think she has appointed herself "the litterbox keeper" :laughing:
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