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Watch out for the Paypal scam!

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I already received three of those and they look VERY genuine! If I hadn't read about this in time I might have been fooled! Thought I'd give you all a heads up in case you missed in on the news.
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Thanks for the heads-up!
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thanks for the warning! I got an email like that before and luckly i contact ebay using there live help because it was a scam! UGH, why do people have to do these things!
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Yep I have gotten several of these as well. The clue is they don't use your name, you can't reply to the email and the signature is a bunch of letters run together that make no sense. I sent them to paypal security, which said it is a scam and they are trying to find out the source to it. They also said that any information they need from clients, they access through the accounts themselves and not through emails.If you go to the link the false email provides, you could either get a virus or open yourself up for identity theft.
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Good thing to know! I use paypal all the time!
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I ordered off of Ebay last week, and I had the hardest time getting my stuff to go through. Last time I ever use Ebay. I also got an email saying they needed my marriage license and my account number and stuff like that. I will NEVER use Ebay and PayPal again. Don't like it
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I received a PayPal scam letter too. I sent it off to PayPal security and was told it was indeed a fake. It's extremely annoying as some people only accept payment through PayPal as it is secure and convenient. I'm beginning to think otherwise.
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I get these for both eBay and PayPal all the time. I just forward the email to the real companies and EVERY time they've been fake so far.
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Thanks for warning us!
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Thanks for the warning.. These things are always good to know and pass on. Thanks Anne.
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I must get at least one e-bay scam e-mail every week . . . . I learned the hard way. . . . had to cancel out a credit card after I realized that the notice to update my account info was not genuine. Now I forward all suspicious e-mails from "Ebay" to spoof@ebay.com.
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