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Phones, a gift from the gods

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Or also can be titled, how to get insomnia.

I just thought I'd share with everyone a little bit about my night. I had a really bad day yesterday. I mean, my ex called me/e-mailed me telling me all these lies about people, trying to make me feel bad about breaking his heart. So what... it worked. So I felt like do-do for most of the night, and after having a lovely party at my place. (My cats were awesome and well behaved, they didn't attack any of the men in my house as they don't seem to like males) Anyway, they left at 4am... and about 4:45am/ 5ish I was sitting outside smoking as I normally would do if I was cleaning up after a party. Then the phone rings. I picked it up and who would be on the other line, but a wonderful person, calling me long distance from Canada, at 5am. Lovely. And here is the conclusion I came to after getting off the phone with him.

Ever have a conversation with a person that makes you so happy that you ever met them that you never want to get off the phone with them and you just want to cherish that moment? Its like absolute bliss; when your life doesn't seem to make sense sometimes, there is like this person you can call and you know that one of the reasons you're living this life is so that it could be touched by this wonderful person. Well I have one of those, and I just got off the phone with him, and now I can't sleep because he filled me up with happiness. Uplifted my spirits, changed my day, week, and life, and brought me to a higher understanding of souls. I love you.

I love my angel.

Goodnight everyone, its 8am, I think its time.

Oh to be in love with a voice over the phone... absolute bliss.
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Oh yes Allo, I have the same kind of person in my life and he is also from Canada!! I know exactly where you are coming from.

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Geez Allo...you trying to get me shot??:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: She's not talking about me Hon...HONEST!!!!!:LOL: :LOL: Be a little more specific about us sweet Canadian guys Al...

Before anyone gets offended...I'm totally kidding here.
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Well, why aren't the sweet Canadian men over in Florida?! Huh?! Where are any good men in florida?!

Disclaimer: This man doesn't come to this site, although he should
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We're all too broke from buying food for our sled dogs!! Plus we get withdrawal pains if we're away from snow for too long...not a pretty sight. You may find us occasionally curled up in your fridge or freezer.

And since you guys elected him..could you get GW to lower the ridiculous 50% monetary exchange rate?? Cripes..it would cost us Canucks $30 to take you to Ronnie McD's for lunch.
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The only things I have in my freezer is some liquor, meat, and ice cream. I see no men. As for GW, I didn't vote for him. He's one of the reasons that I'm actually considering moving to the land where about becomes aboot.
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Another snow fan, eh?! My husband and I are trying to find jobs in Alaska. Actually we would be happy anywhere with snow! The lower peninsula of Michigan doesn't get nearly as much snow as we used to and what snow we do get gets icey from the warmer days. I down hill, cross country and skijorne (Roland, my dog, pulls me on my x-country skiis - fast!). Don't understand people who live in the north who hate snow! Already getting ready for winter!

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The Eskimos supposedly have a hundred names for snow and the govt tourism dept calls it White Gold, But I bet I can beat both of them with the names I come up with when I get a bootfull or it slides off the roof and down my neck while shovelling it.
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Men in the freezer????????????? I can't wait to go home and look! The last time I was in there, I saw a shriveled up bagel, something in a plastic container that was made God knows when, a bag of ice and an ice pack for a headache. Ain't no men in my freezer unless the man fairy came and left me a surprize. Will keep you posted, although I'm not getting my hopes up. Knowing my luck it'll be a toothless eskimo wearing real animal fur with 4 wives and 18 kids, who hates cats.

I didn't vote for Dubya either. He's an ass in sheeps clothing (no offense to the sheep).

ALLoWeyo, all exes are a pain in the ass.(no offense to anyone here) Yours is no different. They like you to feel worthless without them. They also try to put that Little doubt in your mind. Don't let him get to you. Do what I do. Whenever I see my ex, which is almost never, I imagine him butt naked and start laughing hysterically. Pisses him off.

Sure wish I had someone to make me feel that good over the phone. I know, he'll call me and my phone will be shut off. Figures.


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