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Posting problem!!! Help

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I have had to reregister to this site just to post. One day I tried posting and it said I was not allowed.?? It was the day after I messed around with my profile and options, but I looked and I don't see anything that wouldn't let me post????? Is it because my html is off? As far as I know I have obeyed the rules and haven't been posting mean posts or anything , so if anybody has a clue, fill me in.
Oh, and my old user name is fsttrk, and I would rather have that account back because I just broke 100 post!!
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Stefani, I looked and see nothing amiss with your information. Is this the only website you are having problems with? If you have another name on here, why did you change it? (just curious)

I moved your post to Feedback so Anne can see it when she gets back.
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I changed my name because I didn't know if it would let me reregister if I used the same one and I wanted to get back in here to ask questions about this problem. Yeah, this is the only site I'm having problems with. Thanks for moving me to, I didn't know where to post a question like this. Do you think it has anything to do with the html being off?? -not too computer savy
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Did you change the email address in your fsttrk profile? I show your account as awaiting email activation. I went ahead and emailed you the activation code. If you don't receive it, let me know. If you do, let me know as well, and I can delete this membership.
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Thank you!!!

I do have a new email now. I will check that link as soon as I can get to another computer!!
Thanks again!
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Just a point for any members who change their email address in their profiles. The system will automatically revert you to "awaiting email activation" status. Your email address must be a valid one for your membership account to be active. The system sends out the code automatically. So, if you do change your email address, head on over to your email for the new activation code.
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Hey Deb,
I didn't get the email with the activation code. If you sent it to wrister@sbcglobal.net I didn't get it. Send it to fsttrk@sbcglobal.net and I'll get it! Thank you and sorry for the problem!
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According to the admin panel, fsttrk is registered and ready to go. See if you can access under that user name.
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