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late nighters

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I notice I am not the only crazy person up at weird hours of the night! So, what do you "night :owl:'s" do at night and what is your reason for being up late? My reason: my hubby and I both work nights Sunday - Tuesday from 7:-6 am, and we are up all hours of the day or night. Tonight, I am just staying up late, and I am bored.

Do any of you work nights? If you do, I am sure you know how it is....... BORING...... NOTHING TO DO.........EVERYTHING CLOSED! A lot of times, I will just stay up during the day..... I don't like feeling like a :vampireL: :LOL: Right now, I am getting :sleep3:
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whoa, I haven't really stayed up this late for a while, but lately, it seems I've been trying to get my fill of partying in before I break my lease and have to move back in with mother. So... it seems that 8am is a perfect time for me to hit the sac. Besides, the cats had their nightly run and they will cuddle with me. Sleep sweet everyone
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I am not a stay-up-later.......but a get-up-early person!
The smell of the morning air and the sun cresting over the mountains is my favorite time of day. Any time from 4AM to 5AM is a grand time to get up!I feel like there is noone around but me and my fur babies!!!
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I'm a night owl by nature, but I spend the majority of my life getting up at 5:30 a.m. As my summer vacation progresses, I end up going to bed later and later. By next week, I'll be hating life as school starts, and I have to go back to the routine that pays the bills.
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Deb25 - does school start so early in Florida? Our kids don't go back until the day after labor day! I have that problem about staying up later and later when I am home on vacation from the office.

ps - I love the millenium cat status!
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I live in the 24 hour town so nothing ever closes. I don't sleep very well at night because of a bad back and bad knee. Once hubby gets up at 3:00 a.m. and leaves at 4:30 (he gets up to change the water bowls and makes sure the dogs go out at least 3 times), I get out of bed by 5:00. I need to be in work at 8 but like to get up early to play with my babies. We do go to bed early but like I said before, I don't sleep well so you can usually find me on the computer at all hours of the night. I hope you all have sweet dreams tonight.

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Yeah, as depressing as it sounds, I go back August 1st, and the kids are in on the 8th. Being a Jersey girl, I was used to the after Labor Day start myself. Here, our kids have been out since before Memorial Day. We have always gone back in August, but in the past couple of years, the date has gotten earlier. 2 years ago the high schools pushed to have the first semester and exams completed before Christmas, instead of late January. Hence, we are in earlier than ever. I guess it's 180 days no matter how you slice it, although my district has upped the total to 184. The money tree has been about harvested to death, so I guess it's time to head back.

P.S. The Millennium Cat thing was a custom title I chose, but I've told Anne that I'm happy to share it. You get to pick your own title after 1200 posts (I think). Feel free to choose it.
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This night owl drives a truck from 6pm to 6am 5 nights a week;so on weekends I am wide awake when most are snoring away. I still find it hard to rest in the daytime tho.

I too like the dawn...this is an area of hills and valleys. Just after midnight the ground fog from the rivers and streams begins to form. So at dawn the hills appear to be poking up from a sea of mist,reaching for a pink ,gold and blue sky.

Interestingly enough,the time just before dawn makes me veeeery sleepy...when the sky is just beginning to brighten. Once the dawn breaks I'm fine,I can go for hours.But for that 1/2 hour or so I have to stop.

Winter is another matter since dawn seems to bring the hardest snowfalls of the night. With the diffused light you can be in a virtual white-out in seconds. There's a scary feeling for you.
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