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Good smelling litterbox?

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Saki is such a freak. I had just finished cleaning and bleaching the litterbox and I set it down and Saki got in and went crazy! Rubbing all over it, doing circles and even playing with his tail I guess he liked the bleach smell?

I'm not doing anything wrong mom I swear!

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Yep- Bleach will attract kitties big time. Cute pictures Sicy! Saki is getting so big!
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I was wondering the same thing, Kahu goes nuts over bleach!

Saki is so darn cute!
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Whoa! thats wierd. I use comet and have never have that kind of reaction. cute though! gotta love the booda domes.
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Cute pics, but bleach scares me to death. I don't have bleach in my house because I feel it is such toxic stuff. They actually spray tables at preschool with it and never even think of the harmful residue left behind yuck! The fact that kitties go nuts after it is used confirms that even after it dries there is a residue. Nope no bleach here JMO
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I didn't know that cats like the smell of bleach I usually scrub my litterbox with an antibactrial soap and baking soda. Bleach always takes my breath away and makes me sick to my stomache

Saki is getting so big! he is a handsome boy
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Okay, guess I'm weird but I like the smell of bleach as long as it isn't too strong (when it's so strong it smells like a pool is nearby I don't like it).

My kitties never really responded to bleach.
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Originally posted by hissy
Yep- Bleach will attract kitties big time. Cute pictures Sicy! Saki is getting so big!
Wow, I never knew bleach attracted cats! But when I clean Nakita's litterbox, she always jumps into the tray before I put in the new litter.I guess she likes the soap we use!

Crazy cats!

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lol too cute
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The ratio of bleach to water I use is so slim I'm surprised he could even smell it. But I wouldnt mind suggestions for other cleaning products for the litterbox.

I want something that will KILL all the bacteria in the litterbox.
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I luuuuv the smell of bleach.. so clean! on the other hand.. i would not clean my kittie's litter box with it. I usually use dish soap.. and give it a good rince, then sprinkle some baking soda under the litter. no complaints from the gurls thus far!

The pictures you originally posted remind me of a cat that used to live with us (a roommate's).. I had an electric wok that I never use, and had it stored up high by a window.. the cat soon made that his bed of choice! maybe your kittie just likes the feel of the bare litter box! Who knows.. cats can sometimes be very strange! But that's why i love them!
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I use vinegar and water (usually half and half) for most of my cleaning- especially the animal areas. My guinea pigs live in a huge kiddie pool upstairs, and I clean all their toys and the pool with vinegar and water- since they like to chew everything. I extend that to the kitties dishes and litterbox too. Apparently vinegar kills bacteria- I even spray it on my kitchen counters and table. Its a staple here
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Saki is to cute in there . First I thought it is a cook pan or somthing like that

Moses also go nuts over the bleach smell , it is kind of like catnip to some cats the way how they act . One time I must have got some bleach on my toe and when I come insite to relax a bit oh boy did Moses act funny on my toe . He was getting so crazy over it that after rubbing and truling over the toe he started to nipple on my toe . He got so crazy about that , that he was biting even my toe I endet up weating some sneakers in the house so he wont go nuts over my toe any more
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I don't think I've ever seen a round litterbox before...?

Cute pics!
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Oh its great, I love it.

Booda Dome
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oh wow Saki sure is one very handsome young boy

lol I have never seen a round cat tray either...I too honestly thought it was a cooking pan!!

I've noticed when I clean out Daisey & Blossom's tray...I would soak it in bleach and clean it out well and after the fresh kitty litter is put of them will always get in and just lay down on top of the kitty litter like it was for sleeping and lounging about it and not for pooping in!!

How I wish I could read a cat's would just love to know all the answers to these ming boggling antics they do!!
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We use vinegar and water also and no complants yet, but as soon as the new litter is put in the box one of them has to use it.
It's like they can't let it be clean
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Rowdy will jump into the box, BEFORE I put the fresh litter in and pee on the bare plastic. Go figure!
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when I clean mine i let them soak in bleach water, then drain and rinse, then let them soak in water with some dish soap, then rinse twice, then dry.. I don't think it's dangerous at all. Roxy doesn't seem to respond much to bleach but maybe washing it with dish soap takes away the smell or something..

ps Saki is soo cute
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LOL yes .. Saki has to go into the clean box IMMEDIATELY after I pour the fresh litter in there. Even if he went right before!!!!
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