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Cranberry Sauce Question

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I am making my hubby some whole berry sauce because he loves it. Do you think it would be okay to go ahead and make it tonight? I won't be canning it so will it keep until Thursday? I think that the sugar will preserve it enough, but I would hate to give him food poisoning hehe. Thanks
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It will be fine if you keep it refrigerated until Thursday.
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Thanks so much, I just want to get some preparations done so I can enjoy my Mom being here.
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Homemade cranberry sauce will last about 5 days in the fridge, covered in saranwrap.
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Just curious....how long will potato salad last? I made a huge batch of it this afternoon (got a little carried away, I guess) and now am wondering if it would still be good to take Thursday to hubby's moms for Thanksgiving. It is in a tupperware container.
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Cranberry sauce will keep for a while if refrigerated properly. I don't know about Potato Salad. It should keep for a day or so. I think it mostly depends on how long it's been out.
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The potato salad should be fine as well. Potatoes pick up flavours pretty easily, so be sure its well sealed.

I was curious, though, and googled this topic, and found a very useful site.

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Thanks for the website! When I get more time I will check it out!
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