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Average Joe

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Anybody watching this or is there already a thread somewhere about it? If so I will merge this one. I really like this show, but feel really sorry for some of the guys who have been dismissed. Who do you want her to pick? I'm still undecided.
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I hope she picks Adam

I'm glad she go rid of John.... he was so creepy!

Not too sure about Jason... (they sure got there "mack" on!!!)
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That's weird! Adam and Jason are my two favorites! But of the two I hope she picks Adam! I am a little confused by Zach...I think that is his name...on one hand he seems like a nice guy, but I hated the way he kept referring to himself as the "best of the 2nd best" like he thought he was somehow above the others. I kind of felt bad for the one guy who left last night...I think his name was Alex, who said he wished some woman would see that he had alot more to offer than just what he looked like. (he was very attractive)
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Next week is gonna be a good one.....


and hidden camera to see their comments!!!

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So is she the one in the fat suit? It looks good!!!! (next weeks show that is)
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I've been watching this too! First reality show I've every followed. I like Adam and my second choice would have been John. I'm curious what made him creepy to you? Maybe I missed something!

Lhezzza, it's good to see you posting again!
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I didn't think he was creepy, but he was a little obsessive over just that one date. I liked the one guy, can't remember his name, who climbed the rock all the way to the top....what was his name???? He was a sweetie and I felt bad to see him go! The one I really thought was creepy was the one who ratted Zach out and told her what was said by him about her. Not that I think Zach is all that great, but that guy was a little weasel. Can't remember his name either. Geesh I am bad with names! Anyway, THAT guy was creepy and I was glad she got rid of him.
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I liked that guy too. The one that did the climbing. NO WAY do I want Zach to win. He's a weasel!!
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I don't think I want Zach to win either...but he did show another side to himself when that rock climbing guy got the boot...he almost cried! Didn't expect that.
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peep this:

everybody like what they like, so you can't say somebody is shallow if they go for "hunks"

however this Melena chick goes out her way to make a point about how she cares more about personality, blah, blah and she just show her true colors by picking whoever she think is cute regardless of whatever comes outa there piehole...that dude she made out with wasn't saying a damn thing and she coulda cared less if he would have said he was trisexual, she woulda still slobbed him down and kept him around

this John guy have been making bigtyme mistakes talking to her...He is not confident, he acts too needy, and showed too much emotion. No women will ever respect him if he acts like that...what kinda guy gets excited over a peck on the cheek, how would dude have acted if she really gave him a kiss? he's lucky he was kicked off to save him further embarassment

Melena is soo shallow that if those guys were all butt nekked in a room she would keep the biggest ones...
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Ummmmmmm...just a warning here....I'm SURE you meant the biggest muscles.....but please refrain from comments like's a family site.
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I missed the last show, but I saw the one before that. It's a good thing that a lot of the creeps are gone like john and brad. I'm sure Melana wished she could have eliminated more than quota she had for each show. She gets along with Adam well and he seems to be nice, but I don't think it would last. -same with zach. He's a real jerk. When the new guys came, the way Melana's face lit up was almost as priceless as the way it "unlit" during the joe blow intros from the first show. I think she needs that kind of chemistry.
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I love this show! We're probably a few shows behind you, but *I* to hope she picks Adam he seems like such a genuine nice guy I like Jason too, he's a hotty. John creeped me out as well, uugh don't know why but he did and I also didn't like that guy who couldn't play golf even I can play golf, he was a bit spastic! Great show though! We're only up to the bit were the three new faces have been added
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You're right, John was too needy. He was cute, but very high maintenance!! I also like Adam but its obvious she's going to pick one of the new guys. She kicked Alex off cause he gave her too much info too quickly. Would you keep a guy who admits the love of his life is an addict who stole from him?

I don't think Melana learned anything from this experience.
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I tried but just coulden't get into it
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Well, I think I'm learning something from this show. Almost none of the joes they picked were a match for Melana, nor was she a match for them. I think the only reason some attraction grew is because the contestants are in a desert island situation. Sure, she would get to like some of the men she came to know, but you've still got to have that special something in the air. A fair number of guys who had nothing in common with her, but remained obsessively attracted, in denial, or just obsessed were the ones that creeped me out the most.

I was pretty cynical watching the very first show where they were showing the fluffy clips of Melana talking all dreamy eyed about how she's ready for mister right or whatever, mixed in with the previews of these "poor joes" who were going to get their hearts broken. I was actually thrown for a loop and I was very impressed by the way she handled it. She was polite, but not phony and although she was clearly shocked and disappointed, she decided to just be herself. From what I saw, she didn't really lead any of those guys on either.
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I can't wait to see who Melaina picks! I'm kind of disapointed that they give the best parts away when they advertise the show though. Like this week telling us already that Adam is rich.
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I almost forgot it was on tonight! Wow, thanks for reminding me!! It is on an hour earlier tonight isn't it? I think it is 8:00 central. I'd better check at 7, just to be sure...I would be mad if I missed it! I thought I saw something about Adam being rich in the previews...I wish they wouldn't give it away like that before the show, too! I really like both of the guys she has to chose from. If it was ME...I would pick Adam...not because I saw he might have some money, but because he seems a little more down to earth...I could see myself going out and having fun with someone like him, but the other one I would figure he would want someone more attractive than me, plus he would always be getting hit on and flirted with...he's just too good looking. Not that there is anything wrong with gorgeous men...but I would just personally feel more comfortable with someone who didn't look like a male model. Maybe I'm just too insecure, but I think I could be myself more around a man like Adam as opposed to the other one. (I can't remember his name, sorry I keep calling him the "other" one!)
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Yep, it's an hour earlier tonight! It is on at 8:00 Central time. The comercial came on just as I started typing this!
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I missed this last night - what happened??
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She picked Jason.

Worst. Show. Ever.

The entire premise is that they have these guys who are supposed to be "average" lookers, but have some personality. They proceed to bring in some hot-looking guys who (as we all know) are just going to trounce the "Average Joes." Surprise! Melana goes for looks over personality and they do. Jason had about as much personality as a plastic Ken doll.

I read an article one time that said that reality shows aren't about cheering for people...they're about a perverse satisfaction in seeing people embarrassed or made fools of (as per Fear Factor). I feel bad for these guys; that's essentially what the producers did to them: forced them to re-live every bad high school and life experience where they were turned down in favor of the class jerk or Mr. John Born-Hot. I'm sure the rejected Joes walk away feeling even more rejected by society and the opposite sex than they did coming in.

Score another point for superficiality....

Bah! And it looks like they're making it worse for the next show - bringing in a shipload of beefcake to fight it out with the geeks and dorks.

The only moment I thoroughly enjoyed was the fake fat suit. That was pretty funny... (despite the fact that Melana was momentarily touched by the superficiality of looks - only to follow the same road)...
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I see your point. Makes you wonder if their looks had been reversed...Adam's personality with Jason's looks....would she then have chosen him? I liked Jason, he seemed like a very nice, sweet guy, but I did think Adam had the best personality. I felt bad that he lost, although I actually think Jason was more suited for her...she seemed a bit superficial to me.

The one thing that I tend to forget, and just reminded myself, was that when the guys were making the comments about her when she was wearing the fat suit...Adam had some not so nice things to say and I don't recall Jason saying anything. So maybe he was the right choice. I don't know. I liked them would have been a hard decision.
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Actually, I think they probably edited the comments. Adam wasn't that bad, he was being a goofball as he normally was. He asked if she looked like Monica from "Friends" in the fat suit - which was the most intuitive comment - she did, because she was wearing a fat suit. The most crass thing he said was whether it would improve or hurt his chances if he hooked up with the cousin - but that was pretty normal "guy" joking and it wasn't necessarily mean.

I don't necessarily think Adam was the perfect catch (he wasn't attractive at all in my male opinion) - but I think they're conducting a mean experiment that largely sets up the Average Joes for a fall.

ESPECIALLY if you look at this second run, where they are bringing in boat-loads of Mr. Beautifuls to battle the Joes.

It's like the Millionaire series - it's getting to the point where it's mean. In Millionaire, they **want** [at least some of] the women to go nuts for the money. Then the joke's on them and everyone can laugh when they get fooled.

It's entertaining, but not necessarily fair and nice.
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Well I was dissapointed she didn't pick Adam. But on the other hand, if she had picked Adam some people would be saying she picked him only for his money. Just like now some are saying she picked Jason only for his looks. She said it well on the Today show today. She said she followed her heart.
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I know what you mean about it being a bit unfair. But it is still interesting to watch, I think. I wonder what would happen if it was a gorgeous man and a bunch of Average "Janes"...I think in most cases that maybe one of the Average ones wouldn't even make it to the final two once the beauty queens were brought in....but I don't mean it to sound like I think men are more into looks than woman are...but I think in alot of cases they are.

What's really sad is that I heard on the radio (don't know if it is true) that somewhere (not in America) there is a reality show where a beautiful woman must choose between a bunch of attractive looking men, much like many of our shows here, but the catch is...they don't find out till the end that the "woman" is really a "man". Now that is cruel! What if one of them really falls for "her" and then finds out she is a "he" and maybe just isn't into that.
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