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Cedar Scratching Post

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Does anybody use one of these? Or have tried it? I'm curious how cats react to them.

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I haven't used Cedar, but have used raw maple tree branches and pine boards. They like the raw wood, but I find that they sometimes get them confused with things like the legs to my oak dining table. I have ended up wrapping at least a portion of the scratch posts in sisal to give them a distinction on what is good to scratch and what isn't. I had to bitter apple my table legs to get them away from that.
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Cats react naturally to it, just as they would any tree product.
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Do they tend to work better than carpet or sisal? Or does it just seem to depend on the cat. I have a sisal one now, but my kitty sometimes uses furniture so I am thinking of alternatives in adddition to the sisal. I am moving in a week and I don't want my new roommate to freak out. She declaws her cats, but I REFUSE to do that to my little baby. I just could never do it. He's so sensitive to anything I do. Even if I step on his tail by mistake he seems to be so upset that I could do that to him!
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They really like to scratch raw wood, but I did notice that when I wrapped part of the branch in sisal, their claws went to the sisal part of the post (I started the sisal up about 2 feet high) on a 3-1/2 foot tall post). I have another tree with part carpet and part sisal, and they tend to use the sisal part of that tree also.

So, I think their order of preference is (tested in my house of 14): 1) sisal, 2) raw wood, 3) carpet.

Oh yeah, and I have a great variety of posts and trees and they use all of them.
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we had one a long time ago
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