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Anyone here live in Tucson?
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Hello BlueAngel,

My brother lives Tucson. I live in Kingman. Every now and again I get down to see him.
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Hi. I'm in Tucson, born and raised. Four generations of my family live here, now.
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i dont live there but thought i might like to, i have a very good friend that lives in Phoenix, it sounds like a nice place, hot and dry, i like that, i hate cold weather anymore, but im here to stay for a while i guess
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I would move to Tucson in a heartbeat! I've had family there since the 1950's. How's the job market out there these days?
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Originally posted by Momofmany
I would move to Tucson in a heartbeat! I've had family there since the 1950's. How's the job market out there these days?
Construction is going great guns. We don't have 10 miles of good road because they're always being torn up. There is a lot of home building, too.

The biggest job opportunities right now are in retail (low pay) and inbound call centers. I work for a company that handles customer service and/or support for Chrysler Financial, Yahoo/SBC, Microsoft and FedEx. Tucson has a customer service call center for AOL, another that handles directory assistance for ALL of the wireless phone companies, one that handles Greyhound Bus Lines and a couple that do customer service for mortgage companies.

The four tribal casinos hire a lot of people, with good pay and benefits. Those may not last long, though - the aim is to train enough tribe members to take all of those jobs.

Tucson has low housing prices, though. One can rent a decent two bedroom apartment, for around $400/mo. The median price for a three bedroom, two bath house is $134,000. Bill and I live in a fifty-year-old, remodeled brick house with three bedrooms, one bath and family room. We paid $90,000 two years ago and it is already valued at $128,000.

Gas prices are lower than the national average and we have enough grocery chains to keep the prices down. We have four large malls, with most of the major retailers. Depending upon the district and/or neighborhood, the schools range from warehouses to excellent.

With an Air Force base, the University of Arizona and the county seat, it takes a lot of people to maintain the metro area. The population is approaching 1 million.
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