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Do we have any deer hunter's?

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we used to but not any more,can't afford it.
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Hubby is one
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I was raised in a hunting family. We almost never had beef, we ate venison as our main meat - antelope, deer and elk.

I went hunting a few times, and although I enjoyed spending time with my father and being that close to nature, I just couldn't enjoy the "kill". I certainly don't think any less of my family for hunting, it just wasn't something I could do. Dad is one of the most responsible hunters around.
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My uncles hunt. My one uncle lives in alaska and he has hunted bear there. I would just rather eat beef.
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No i could never personally kill a animal to eat...
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Originally posted by valanhb
I went hunting a few times, and although I enjoyed spending time with my father and being that close to nature, I just couldn't enjoy the "kill". I certainly don't think any less of my family for hunting, it just wasn't something I could do. Dad is one of the most responsible hunters around.
I totally agree Heidi. My father used to be a hunter and Rob's family are big hunters. They get duck, deer, moose etc. and Rob's dad actually goes hunting every year with a Native tribe in Northern Ontario.

But after taking environmental courses, I realize responsible hunting is much better and healthier than the way the rest of society gets their meat. With the overcrowded farms and some unethical treatment of animals that are filled with steroids, I believe responsible hunting is the best way to get meat and to control the overpopulation of some species (especially deer).

It's just too bad when idiots who are just out for the 'kill' give bad names to responsible hunters.
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I see it as a necessary thing to cut down on deer overpopulation, and I do love venison if it's cooked properly (makes great fajitas if you marinate it just right!). But I don't think I could personally shoot a deer unless I needed to do it to survive - maybe once to learn the skill, perhaps, but I'm not sure even then. They're just so beautiful.

I know there are responsible hunters out there, but there are way more that are macho jerks who don't care about the deer or the land. My family has a ranch in New Mexico, and hunters are always trespassing on the land, leaving trash, setting fires, trashing property, and even shooting does and underage bucks and then just leaving the bodies untouched because they don't want to get caught by the game warden. Those poor creatures die for nothing - they aren't even eaten. It's not even safe to go out hiking in hunting season or let your dogs run on your own property because some of those idiots will shoot at anything that moves.
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My dad is an avid hunter. He hasn't gotten a deer yet this year, and since lobster season just started, its unlikely he'll have the time to hunt any more this year. My hubby went with his dad and brothers when he was younger and decided after shooting his first deer, that it bothered him and he hasn't been since. My son is showing major interest in tagging along with my dad on his excursions into the woods- especially rabbit hunting. (Hes a little too noisy at his young age to go on deer hunting trips )

I was raised eating wild game and seafood- its what I prefer. I eat beef and pork when I run out of deer, ducks, rabbits and lobster
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How do all of you feel about the use of animals in medical research, especially those of you who condone the hunting of wild animals?
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if deer were not hunted they would starve to death,which is why I CONDONE HUNTING DEER!
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This is just my opinion. But there wouldn't be much of deer hunting if the main deer predators like the wolf and the cougar were not slaughtered in the early 20th century. The deer starve because they are too many. Basically I am against hunting animals, but in this case, there may be no choice.
In my country, we have a species of deer that is now endangered (and thankfully protected) This is because of people overhunting them.
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Like hunting or not, it is humans who caused the unbalance in the ecosystem by taking away not only the natural predators but also destroying their natural habitat. And I'm not talking about big business and all that, although of course it contributes. I'm talking about every city and town and farm that has altered the natural landscape. Nature has very cruel ways to cull the herd - starvation and disease, both being long and painful deaths. Ever heard of Chronic Wasting Disease? Horrible stuff.

If not allowing individuals to legally purchase licenses to hunt, what are the alternatives? Let nature take it's cruel course. Let the government cull the herd and dispose of the carcasses in the cheapest and easiest manner possible, probably burning them.

At least with licensed hunters, they will more than likely use the animal for meat. I have to say, I truly think that the majority of hunters are responsible about it and don't act illegally like Tess has seen. But the irresponsible ones are the ones that get reported and remembered, unfortunatly.

I don't think that there is any comparison between hunting and using animals for research, beyond the very basic end result to the animal. Difference is that with hunting, the animals live in the wild not cages, they are killed quickly and as painlessly as possible (at least that's how I was taught to hunt), and the point of hunting is to avoid the slow and painful death by disease.
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One alternative actually would be having designated state troopers shoot deer as is necessary to thin out herds. The relatives of every person on this board may be the exceptions, but the men I've known (fortunately not too closely) who hunt animals do so because of the thrill of the hunt & the kill, not for any eco-system reason or because no other source of food was available to them.There are companies who sell tour packages for hunters to shoot animals who wander off of state parks, where they are protected.Is the US also over-run with geese & ducks? People like to shoot them as well. That's the part about hunting that troubles me.

I'm not trying to start an argument with anyone on this topic. I just think that we all live with various 'moral' inconsistencies regarding the treatment of animals, which varies from person to person. The millions of people dying from AIDS probably think that research on the disease involving primates is necessary, no matter how unfortunate.
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I can say I definitely enjoy the thrill of hunting, but I do not hunt. I also think its better if the animal being hunted has some means of defense. It would be stupid to go out and hunt does and such.
I do not hunt, because I think most of the killing that goes on is just for sport. My most hated are Cougar hunters One day they'll be the prey.
On the subject of animals for testing, I think some of it is necesarry(sp?) for medical research.

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Not yet, but if one more runs out in front of me, I am considering it. I am thinking about putting a rifle in my trunk when I drive the back roads at night, because if I hit one and did not kill it, I would hate to see it suffer.
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I don't have a problem with legal hunting. Its the idiots who go out there, get drunk and blast away at anything that moves, that bother me.

I don't like venison, so it doesn't make much sense for me to hunt. My dad grew up hunting deer and ducks. Growing up on a farm, during the Depression, that was their meat supply.
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I couldn't actually go out and kill for myself another living creature.
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Originally posted by Dernhelm
I have no quarrel with those who hunt for food, like all of our ancestors. Those who hunt for the pleasure of killing, these "Trophy Hunters" are sadistic scumbags who deserve the same fate as their victims.

I agree
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"Dec. 10- Dick Cheney is under fire for shooting birds. The Vice President has come under attack from an animal rights group for participating in a "canned hunt" in which he reportedly killed pheasants that were released for the purpose of being shot by hunters.

The increasingly low-profile V.P. was taken to Pittsburgh by Air Force Two earlier this week where his security detail loaded him and his favorite shotgun into a Humvee,and went to Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier Township, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. There, he and nine other hunting buddies shot at 500 ringneck pheasants, killing 417 of them. The V.P. was credited with offing 70 of the birds, as well as an unknown number of mallard ducks.

The shooting spree prompted an outraged letter from the Humane Society. "This wasn't a hunting ground. It was an open-air abattoir, and the vice president should be ashamed to have patronized this operation and then slaughtered so many animals," Wayne Pacelle, a senior vice president of The Humane Society of the United States, wrote in a letter of protest, according to "If the Vice President and his friends wanted to sharpen their shooting skills, they could have shot skeet or clay, not resorted to the slaughter of more than 400 creatures planted right in front of them as animated targets."
(MSNBC News)
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Like the VP is going to eat Pheasant and Duck for the next 2 months' dinner. I think not. Even if the meat went to feed the needy in a soup kitchen, it wouldn't be as terrible. But instead, it was just a waste of lives so that some guys could feel macho.
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Sue I agree with you on canned hunts. They are just plain sick and wrong. It's the lazy way to feel macho and just go out and kill something. Serial killing without the humans.
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I only hunt with a camera.
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We have a number of deer hunters that bring their kills to our facility to feed to the wolves, tigers and other critters. The New Guinea Dingo pups recently are refusing their normal canned food in hopes of getting more deer meat.

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