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Ted's going to work tommorrow!

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Be it though a temp place,right now we will take what ever we can get!Don't know how long it will last,except through xmas,they said.And if he gets called from the other places he appiled at he will quit the temp place.YA YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAya
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Hey these days sometimes temporary is all you can get, it's better than nothing, congrats.
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Temping's a job so it counts! YAY!!!!!
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I am so glad to hear that!!! I am happy for him!! Maybe it will turn into a permanent job! Most of the places around here hire temps and then decide if they want to keep them on or not, that way they don't have to offer them any benefits or fire them if they don't want to keep them, but if they are good workers, which I am sure Ted is, and if they really need the help they will sometimes keep them and give them full benefits!
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That is fantastic Sherral! And having it last through Christmas is even better.
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I am so glad you got this blessing! We will all send out a little Board Magic that it will turn in to something good for him!
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Oh Thanks heavens for you and Ted.
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Glad to hear it! Hope there's more good luck coming your way!
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YAY Nothing wrong with dong Temp work! I'm happy for him!
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I am glad he has something that will at least last through Christmas!
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Dear Sherral46,

That is good news. I worked temp for awhile. It is always good to have a job. I will be keeping you and Ted in my prayers. Good luck.

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Sending out more good luck to you both.
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Great, Sherral! That will probably make your Xmas a happier one! And who knows - it might lead to a permanent position. I'm glad things are looking up for you.
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I hope Ted is enjoying his job!

Lots of vibes for you as well Sherral..!
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