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Thought this was worth reading

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This is so perfectly said, it's heart-wrenching....
Why Rescue ?
OK, so I’m not the perfect cat. I’m not just right – I might be too
big, or too small; too vocal, or too quiet. I may also have some medical
issues, and I don’t have my complete medical history with me to explain
why. I may have been exposed to parasites: worms, fleas, ticks, or ear
mites. I may have some kind of intestinal upsets, and I may not have
perfect stools every time.

Behaviorally, I have a little baggage. I may not be able to walk right
into your home perfectly well adjusted. I may take issue if there is
another cat, dog or child, no matter what age or sex and may show my
fear in a variety of ways. I may not love everyone immediately and I may
not do exactly what you want in the beginning. I may not be able to
adapt to any situation. I may get confused about the litter box, and
might even make a mistake, no matter what litter you use, where the pan
is, or how often you clean it.

Emotionally? I may have some idiosyncrasies. I may nip, swat, hiss, put
my ears back, hide, cower or tremble. I may look at you with fear, and
distrust, and concern. It might take several months, or even a year
before I can begin to trust again.

I am one of society’s throwaways.

Is this the cat you’re looking for?

If not, maybe you should look elsewhere. Please don’t ask to take me
home, because I have already been rejected far too many times already
and would rather stay at the shelter than be given one more reason to
mistrust people again.

I am one of a group of cats. A group that has been dumped in the
shelters, booted out the doors, kicked, hit, beaten, yelled at, shot, cursed,
thrown from moving cars, left to fend on our own. A group of cats that
has learned that humans are NOT kind and society is NOT fair and life
is NOT comfortable. A group of cats that didn’t have good prenatal care,
that don’t know where our next meal was coming from, that have lived
outside through hot and cold and dug through garbage to find enough to
eat. We are the cats that have been flea bitten and worm ridden and
burned with hot oil. We are the cats who have been hit by cars and left for
dead; who have swallowed stones and ribbons and had nothing but
intestinal upsets; who have loose stools or who have stools that are so hard
they can barely pass. We have been told we were too loud, too messy, or
we didn’t match the new furniture. We have been chased by dogs, had our
tails pulled by kids, and been bullied by other cats. Some of us have
never known a litter box, let alone a clean one. We have watched our
loving family drive off one day without a backward glance after 15 years;
we have been replaced after ten years with a new puppy. We look at you
with big round eyes full of fear and terror, and occasionally hatred,
and yes, deep down, with a little hope. We are the cats in Rescue.

Why, then, would anyone possibly want one of us?

The reasons are endless.

We need you. We deserve to be loved, to have a second chance, to learn
how to trust again. We have been at the mercy of our surroundings; it
is up to you to care for us. You, as part of the race that has caused
this overpopulation of animals; you, who as part of the species, some
of whose members have mistreated and misplaced these deserving
creatures, owe it to us to care. You should be setting examples for the next
generation – that this should not be a throwaway society that we can and
should be doing something about it. We can be your FAMILY members,
members who share in your joys, your sorrows, your misfortunes and your
luck. We are here when you need someone to talk to, to comfort, and to be
comforted. We lick your tears and pat your face and snuggle under your
chin. We like you for you, and we ask so little from you. A pat, a
scratch, the toss of a ball, a kind word, we repay you with loyalty and
adoration and faithful friendship.
You may have to earn it, this is true, and we may be so damaged by our
previous experiences that we'll never be "The Perfect" cat, but the
appreciation that emanates from our eyes; the love that we share when we
realize we are safe, secure, and home forever, is a gift that cannot be
bought. We have seen rough times, yes, but if we are willing to give
you a second chance, why won’t you give us one?
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WAHHHHH!!!! I want you! I want ALL kitties no matter what!
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That is so beautiful.

And I want you too!!!
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That is so sweet and so sad!!!! I wish I could afford to take in all the cats that need love and care so badly. I do take in many, but there are so many many more in shelters who need loving homes.
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I've always dreamed of having a farm where I could save all the kitties and dogs from shelters. I'd take the ones that couldn't be adopted. I've always thought that would be the greatest thing on this planet.

Yeah, it sounds childish, but it's a fantasy and a darned good one.
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It's not childish....it's a beautiful fantasy! I live on a farm, and I take in many strays and ferals and my hubby even came home with a kitten he found abandoned in a ditch a couple weeks ago, and then two days later he found another one that looked exactly like it in the same ditch. They were so little and hungry. They must be brother and sister. Anyway...the problem is, even if you live on a farm, there is only so much you can do without the money to have them all fixed. My fantasy is that I would win the lottery and be able to take in even more cats because I wouldn't have to worry about where the money would come from to fix them all and have all their shots taken care of.
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that was so beautiful... reminded me so much of my RB girl girl...
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That was very touching and true! Do you know who wrote it?
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What a wonder piece of writting. That is why I take in the strays. I want to let them know that there are some humans that can be trusted.
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What a wonder piece of writting. That is why I take in the strays. I want to let them know that there are some humans that can be trusted.

Clyteamnestra, Diedra, Curzon, Ilan, Judd, Ellison, Andy and Daniel, and now Andromache.
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I just adopted an adorable little guy that had been at least bumped by a car. He waas the last of an abandoned litter. He is getting better every day, but has a little birth defect that would have made him quite difficult to place in a good home, so we decided to just keep him. We all adore him, including the other 3 cats. My s/o said he knew the first time he curled up under his beard and stopped trembling to purr, that the little guy was not going anywhere, though he didn't tell me that for a couple of weeks. Definitely proves that one man's trash is another's treasure. We are so happy to have him, i know you are all probably tired of hearing about little Pepe'.
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