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ok to feed a little turkey?

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Just curious if there is any reason Zero can't have a little taste of the leftover turkey.

I am well aware that he will probably be addicted and that I will probably get in trouble with my girlfriend for doing it, but... I can't help it!

BTW, every once in a while I give him a little sliver (very small) of turkey or recently roast beef deli-cut lunch meat, is this very bad for him?
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Not at all as long as they are only once in a while treats.
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I saw one lady that cooked ground beef for her cats on TV. That was a while back. Did that make sense healthwise? I'm sure they could use the protein and they would be eating something like that in the wild...

Now I'm picturing a pack of DSH attacking a cow!!!!
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I give Em turkey all the time. I share my sub with him and on Thanksgiving this year I brought him a little bit from dinner I had at my parents' place.

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Anything in moderation is fine. I also boil the bones after they have been picked pretty clean, and then freeze the broth and add it (warmed of course) to the dry food for the cats outside.
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We give our cats some deli ham when dh makes his lunch
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I think Turkey itself is better than sandwich meat. Less additives, etc.
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Good to hear... HE LOVED IT! I'm now also using it to stuff the little bit of medicine in that the vet gave me..
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Saki loved turkey too!!! Zoey could have cared less
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I guess my kitties are spoiled Aiko & Zeeb get flakes of ham, or flaked tuna with their hard food. The breeder I bought Aiko from used to give them meat all the time, so of course when she got to my house, she was looking for the same treatment! I add a bit of Vitamin E in it for their coats too.

Cats are meant to eat meat! There's no problem with giving it to them. I've heard chicken/poultry is bad for dogs, however...
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