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Cat insurance?

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Anyone know anything about cat insurance? Maybe anyone have it?

How much does it cost and what exactly does it cover? Do they have crazy deductibles? I'd consider getting it for Zero, because I don't want money to ever come between him and his precious life!!
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Here's a link:

Pet Insurance
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Oh duh. I need to start getting used to using meowhoo!
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Not a problem that's why it was created, to help cat owners with problems or questions or to find products-
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Seems tempting. The first one is a discount plan for 25% off, and the second is real insurance that would be $10/month for Zero. I may actually consider that. It's tempting! Don't know if I can really afford it while I'm the only one working in the household now though...
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I wish I would have gotten this. I spent $100 at the vet today, about what that costs a year!
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Fester knows something about this!

My lovely Wife talked me into getting health insurance on our cats, Misty and Sari.
We signed up with VetPet and we found them to be rather useless.

They wanted a complete medical history of our cats and then excluded every condition and illness having anything remotly to do with said "pre-existing condition", even if the sniffels were a year or more in the past.

To get a pre existing condition covered, there were many hoops to jump through to get the condition covered and M.A. knows what a compliant pushover I can be. They were just being a pain!

My lovely Wife talked me OUT of renewing with Vet Pet and talked me IN to signing up with Bainfield. They're a little pricey, but the Wife seems okay with them and she tells me what a good deal I should think it is. I'm so happy she does all this thinking FOR me so I have more time to devote to what I'm best at, flirting with any pretty young ladies who might need to be charmed for a moment or two!

Although I think they do things a little too "assembly line" for my liking. They want you to drop kitty off and pick her up later, I'd prefer to see the Doctor, stay with my kitty and we leave together, but it's a convienent thing if I need to do something else.

Since I travel so much, Bainfield is everywhere a PetSmart is and if Zoey get's sick on the road, I'll park my tractor/trailer at the front door and get her some help.

I just wonder if the baby opossum that has been visiting here lately will stay around and if so, could we get insurance for him and would anyone believe it's an exotic breed of cat? We're already feeding it! Zoey doesn't like her, Misty doesn't like Zoey so that means Misty will probably offer the opossum a place to stay, perhaps a collage scholership and Sari is too involved in looking pretty to even notice.
Cute opossum, though.
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I go to Banfield and here they don't ask you to drop your pet off. In fact they rather you stay. They were a bit hesitant even when I ran out in the store to get a soda! Must be individual store policy.

I've found pet insurance to be pretty useless. But I suppose it would come in handy if your cat had a "catastrophic" illness. I wish I could get Hallie on a plan because of her PKD and bad kidneys. But of course it is a pre existing condition so it wouldn't be covered now. And that is where all my expense comes from. There's no way I could afford pet insurance for my 5 cats! Plus I can get things like vacinations from the humane society much cheaper.
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