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Anne's Birth Gallery Photo Album

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She's still not up to snuff yet- but she and Issac hope you enjoy this look at their lives:

Birth Journal
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Oh, look how cute! I especially love the picture of Ron patting Dan on the head.
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What a lovely album! Thank you for sharing it with us! Dan and Ron are just beautiful!
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Oh that's a beautiful album!

Everyone is so cute!
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I feel like I was right there!

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Awww that is so sweet
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Holy moly.. Anne you were so big!!! Giving birth is so not on my list of things to do

Everyone looks so happy, thanks for sharing the pics.
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Those pictures were awesome, and Dan is such a beautiful baby!

And kids grow up so fast...I can still remember seeing the pictures of Ron when he was a newborn too.
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Oh, what a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing with us Anne, and thank you Hissy for posting it.

You have beautiful children Anne
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That was awesome! I loved looking at all the pictures!! Baby Dan is SO beautiful!! And little Ron has grown up so much! I just love all the hair he has!!!!
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Those are beautiful pictures. I think its lovely that you feel comfortable enough to share them with us, especially both children feeding! What a fabulous photo that was.

Congratulations again!
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Anne you have such a beautiful family and I loved seeing the photos. Everyone looks very happy!
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Anne those pics were awsome , thank you for sharing them all with us . I think you rally look very cute being pregnant , I love the belly . Is it not awsome what a miracle a birth truly is ? And your baby is so beautiful .
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Thank you everyone! And thank you Mary Anne for posting the link for me. Yesterday I found out the hard way that sitting by the computer for too long really hurts (where the cut is), so I'm limitimg myself again.

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures I was wary about posting the one with the tandem breastfeeding. I hope no one was offended. It was the least revealing one I could find. If you scroll thorugh the gallery to the last pages you'll see that Ron has had his hair cut while I was in the hospital. I really miss those curls! He looks so much older now - but he's still sooooooooo cute! He's so good with little Dan, very gentle and helpful. Wheneve Dan begins to mutter (he hardly ever cries), Ron tells me to put Dan to nurse He strokes his head very gently and kisses and hugs him. It's a joy to watch them together. I don't dare leave them together unattended though. I get a lot of phone calls from people who are worried about their new baby and their cat - let me tell you toddlers can be a lot more dangerous than any cat!

Ok - my comp time is up. Hopefully I'll have longer sessions soon. I really miss you guys!
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What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your album!
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What lovely pictures! Ron is a beautiful child and baby Dan is also lovely, not one of those pink splodgy babies whose features you can't really see . . .

The photos are so touching; Anne you look great - thinking back a few months, I know I looked nowhere near that 'together' after giving birth to Dominik.

Keep getting better and stronger, and thanks so much for sharing your family with us - btw, I can't think who on earth would be offended by pictures of a breastfeeding woman!!!!
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How beautiful! Dan is going to be as wonderful a child as Ron! Congrats again Anne!
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