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?Liver problem

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I was recently told that my 13y.o.cat has elevated liver
studies. Was told to change his diet to Hills l/d dry and can. He won't eat the canned so I can't give him the meds-
milk thistle powder. Have tried mixing it with water and using a syringe but this causes him to spit and drool for about 30 min.His vet states he must eat the canned food,the dry food and take the milk thistle. He also has a problem with grooming and scratching the fur from his belly. Anyone
have any info on this condition, the food-tricks to make him eat the canned stuff.He will eat the dry.,Milk thistle info
in pets???
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Sounds like you've got quite a situation going there.

I don't know much about thistle milk and cats. I wonder why it makes the cat drool for half an hour... Maybe you're not administering it properly? I'm not an expert on how to do this, but maybe your vet can demonstrate it for you?

As for the canned food - maybe you could try mixing it with a little bit of gourmet cat food or some treat he really likes? I think you need to ask your vet first and see it there's no harm in adding these to his food. Also, when serving the canned food do you warm it up a bit?
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Milk thistle is an herb used in Hepatitis C,it apparently can regenerate the liver. Naomi Judd used it and is now without signs of the disease. It is extremely bitter which is why my cat looked rabid after giving it to him. I have now switched to the liquid form 2 drops mixed with melted
grape jelly. Its still a fight to get him to take it even with a dropper. As for the food, I gave up on the canned l/d
since he wouldn't come near it. He does eat the dry kind.
The vet says no other cat food,treats,people food. Absolutely no fish or fish flavored food. Cat's don't metabolize the fish which could be why my cat is sick. I don't really believe all this but I'll follow it til I get his labs drawn again in a week.
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Well, the milk thistle is really supposed to work. I have been doing some experimenting with herbals. I have a cat who does not show signs of liver damage but had to take a strong antibiotic for a long time when she was a kitten. I get her to take it if I mix it with a small cup of lactaid. As for the hair on the belly, a few things can cause that. Usually the case is allergies. I have seen cats allergic to things such as yeast. It could also be stress. If she keeps it up, I would ask the vet to investigate. Good luck with the milk thistle!!
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