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Meat and garlic??

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Hi all,
I have two questions, I'm new here so forgive me if they are a bit stupid.

I have been looking through some of the previous threads on food and the majority seem to be about shop bought food. What is the opinion on feeding cats fresh raw meat? My cat has a combination of Eukanuba biscuits and diced Kangaroo (yep I'm in Australia). He does get the occasional sachet of supermarket cat food if we run out and chicken wings to keep his teeth clean. What are your thoughts?

My other question is about garlic. I feed both my dogs crushed garlic with their meals as it works as a flea preventitve (one of my dogs is sensitive to flea products). Can cats have garlic? OK, I'm not sure he would eat it but I would like to try if it is OK for them?

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Garlic can be toxic to cats in large doses, and sometimes in small ones too. I would not advise feeding your cat garlic, instead I would opt for Advantage or Frontline as a spot on flea repellant.

The problem in feeding raw meat is it lacks some of the vitamins and minerals that cats need such as taurine- without taurine a cat will go blind. There are raw diets that you can find the recipes for on the Internet that you can safely feed your cat, but they are a lot of work. It's not simply a matter of cutting up some meat and throwing it in a bowl.
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The problem with Garlic added to cat food is that you might only use minor amounts daily , but the effect tends to be cumulative which as Hissy stated could cause major problems.
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