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Just Bought a Car on Ebay

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Yeah..... you heard me right....

Lookie my new car, I'm so excited!!!!!

I go to pick it up tommorrow morning!!!!

Momma's got a new "ride"

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Woo hoo!! Stylin' in a beamer are ya? Sweet looking car!!
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(In my snobby voice) It's a BMW 535i

ha..... goodbye rusty Honda!

Did I mention I shop at Target (pronounced the French way!)
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That's a beautiful car Congrats!!!
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Congratulations! You are actually the first person I know who bought a car via internet!
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Me likey! Congrats on the new ride. I can picture you stylin and profilyn in that ride It's so true what they say you can find anything you want on E-bay.
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Sweet! Congrats!
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Nice! I bought a car for my daughter on Ebay last year, a Honda del Sol. Looked fantastic, beautiful car, when we went to get it, a 4 hour drive, my husband took it out for a test drive and the engine almost blew while he was test driving it. He didnt think he would make it back to the place we were going to get it from. Needless to say, we didnt buy it, the guy was so embarrassed and we were relieved that it happened before we bought it, we would have been stuck with it if we had. Just be careful of the mechanical condition when you go to pick it up! Its a beautiful car.
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That's a problem with any car you purchase used. Ours looks beautiful, but little did we know the head was going. Hubby just replaced it so it looks beautiful and runs beautiful now.

You should have seen the vehicles we had to go through, though. What do people do to their cars???????
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I like BMWs.... I'd like a BMW.

(... I do love my Honda, though).
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Lhezza, I just realized my post could be taken in a negative way. It wasn't meant to be that. I LOVE that car and hope it's a good purchase for you. Nice ride!
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Lizza, that's one horny car!!!!

But I have to say, I think you're WELL brave buying a car on Ebay - I imagine you must be a practiced Ebayer to do that, I can't even get the hang of how the darned thing works!!!
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TTMom - no worries.....

I did take the car for a test drive and did have Nick (my car expert) look it over prior to bidding..... The owner bought a
brand new BMW and didn't need this one anymore!

Going to LA to pick it up today!
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Originally posted by Yola
Lizza, that's one horny car!!!!
Yola, that cracked me up! I guess I never heard a car called that before!

Congrats Lizza! Awesome ride!
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what a sweet ride.. Do I hear road trip lol
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Beautiful Beamer! What year is it?
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Can I ask how much? How many miles and all that too?

Lookin good!!
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Hey!!!! Nice car Lizza!
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very nice, once you go German you'll never go back.

I picked up my 92 VW corrado the other day to add to my collection of 92' VW golf and 2003 VW golf VR6
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Wow! Nice car! Good for you! I don't think I would have the guts to buy a car on ebay. Have fun cruising in it!!!
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Lhezza, I think you've got a winner! I'm envious!
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Engine: 6-Cyl. 3.5 Liter
Trans: Automatic
Drive: Rear Wheel Drive
Mileage: 148,000

Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
AM/FM Stereo
Multi Compact Disc
ABS (4-Wheel)
Dual Power Seats
Sliding Sun Roof
Alloy Wheels
CA Smogged


(plus tax and registration)
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Okay, now I'm really jealous! That's less than my 1990 Volvo cost!
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Sounds like you got a good deal! And it is a beautiful car!
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Wow!!! That really is a great deal! Cars here in Southern California are SO EXPENSIVE! Congratulations on the great deal!
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