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Mommy's one-eared wonder...

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My little furball had to have his ear removed on September 16th because he had an open wound on it which was determined to be cancerous. Here are some pictures of the little guy, all healed up and as cute as ever...

He is my furry little guy. You wouldn't believe how much happier and how much more active he has been since his surgery.
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He sure is a cutie pie . Give him some from me
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Marshmallow, you're still a handsome guy!

(My new Aby, Osiris, has one ear that had surgery to remove a hemtatoma. He says to tell Marshmallow: Chicks dig scars. Makes you look more macho. )
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Marshmallow IS just as cute as ever! Maybe even more. He looks happier in the new photos, and I'm glad he's more comfortable after the surgery.

from me to Marshmallow!
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Isn't my nephew a cutie??

He is so much more active and playful now than before the surgery. I'm happy he's doing so well.
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He's a sweetie pie
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Marshmallow Even with an ear missing you melt my heart
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(= Thanks, everyone... It was a hard decision to make... having his ear removed. Now, seeing how much his attitude has changed (now he's crazy), I wish we did it earlier. I love him.
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OMG, he is SOOOO beautiful!

I absolutely love those eyes too! Please share him with us more often.
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Marshmallow is still adorable! Love that guy! My parents have a cat whose ear is curled backwards so his looks like Marshmallow's.

I'm glad to hear he's happier and feeling better.
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Awwww Great pics Jill. Such a cutie. And so fluffy!
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Marshmallow is beautiful with one ear or two. I am so glad he is doing better. He must have been in pain, poor fellow.
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Patches is in love with Marshmallow
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Awwwwww Marshmallow is beautiful! I am glad that you made the right decision for him and that he is so much happier.
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Aww he looks adorable! Did the vet talk to you about using sunscreen on his other ear in the summertime? If he lays in the sun, make sure you apply kitty safe sunscreen to his ear, as white cats are really susceptible to certain cancers, unlike the other cats with darker pigmentation. My vet, when he was examining the Trips was telling me to be really careful with their ears, so thought I would pass that along. He looks good and completely comfortable!
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Thanks, Hissy. I'll be sure to ask my vet about the sunscreen. Do you know if there is specific 'kitty-sunscreen' or if there's just a human brand that is kitty-safe?
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meow meow ask does she qualify to go after marshmallow??
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He is toooo cute! What a precious pose in the first pic. Glad he's feeling better.
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I think the ear surgery has given him more character! I had a cat when I was a kid who lost half of her ear from frost bite That's why god gave them two!
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OMG he is such a gorgeous kitty....he is just toooooo damn cute to even notice that any part of him is missing....give him loads of kisses from me, Daisey and Blossom
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Oh my goodness! I've never seen a one eared cat! My girlfriend would probably love him! Glad they got the cancer before it got to him!!

Ever think of chopping the other one so it'd be even? Just playing of course! Kyewt!
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