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Help with Punky and other kittens

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I need some help with Punky developing a better relationship with my other kittens, Cindy and Lucy. To make a long story short, Punky was a rescue kitten that we thought was younger (she's now about 10 or 11 months old) because she was wandering the woods and surviving on whatever possible and the fact that she is a more petite breed of cat.

Punky loves people, but not other kittens/cats. I kept her in the basement under quarantine after we brought her into the house because she had a respiratory infection and I didn't want her to be exposed to the other kittens. She has been thriving and doing well ever since then and her new found health and energy have made her less helpless and dependent.

When I bring her upstairs in contact with Cindy and Lucy, she begins to hiss. Lucy, my more laid back kitten, will fall asleep on the sofa and couldn't really care less about Punky's presence. Cindy, on the other hand, is very curious, and will slowly approach Punky. The other day, as Cindy drew nearer to Punky, Punky let out a loud hiss and swiped at Cindy with her paw. The vet said that Punky's hissing is a survival defense mechanism that keeps other animals away from her. It's like she's saying, "Keep your distance and don't mess with me!"

Sorry I haven't told you sooner about this problem, but it's easy to keep Punky downstairs and when I put the kittens in their room for their nap, I can bring Punky upstairs by herself. It's convenient keeping them separated, but not really teaching Punky to get along
with Cindy and Lucy. Because Cindy and Lucy were spayed a week ago, I've been keeping them apart from Punky so they can heal from their surgery and not have to deal with Punky's hissing aggressiveness.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for reading this long message.
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Hello caterpillar!
I suggest you read the IMPORTANT thread on top of this forum. You may be able to find answers on how to introduce Punky to the others.
Good luck!
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I never noticed this thread. I will definitely read these posts and suggestions for introducing a new cat.
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And I rest my case about people not paying attention to stickies, unless directed to them!
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I'll have to try the vanilla.

With the holiday tomorrow and lots of free time today, I was able to take some pics with the digital camera while pumpkin pies were baking. I also had time to bring the kittens together and it appears they are still afraid of each other. While holding Punky and bringing her upstairs, she began hissing at Cindy and Lucy. After releasing her, Punky hid under the sofa, Lucy took her farthest away resting position, and Cindy looked a bit agitated, walked around a bit, and didn't approach Punky. When Cindy does approach and gets a loud hiss from Punky, Cindy will lower her ears and back away. Not much relationship building, so I'll have to try the vanilla trick.

The towel rubbing will probably work, too. Since the house has been cleaned, floors and walls washed down, carpets cleaned, etc.., Cindy has been rubbing her neck and head overtime into just about everything available.
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