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My boyfriend and I recently took in a stray cat (you may have read about my posts about litter boxes in the past week) and we found out today she is pregnant. I'm trying to find sources on the web to help me learn about care for her, but I'm finding nothing. Does anyone know where I can find information?

I do plan on spaying her after she has the litter for health reasons - we don't plan on breeding her.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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There are dozens of good websites about caring for pregnant cats. Basically you want to provide her with a kittening box that is out of drafts and in a dark, quiet place- closets are good. You want to provide her with soft bedding, and good quality food. Start feeding her small amounts about 5 times a day, and just keep a close eye on her. Depending on her age, she should be fine during the birth, but it is a good idea to take her to the vet for a general check-up and he will be able to tell you approx. when the kittens are due.
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I think you might find some helpful info. on this site:
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Feed her kitten dry and wet food for the extra calories and protein...especially when she is lactating.
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Try to provide her with an area that she'll feel safe giving birth in. Otherwise she might choose her own and either have them away from the house where you can't monitor or have them on something you don't want ruined.

When my mom's cat was pregnant, we found a big enough container and lined it with an old pillow. We put the cat in it several times to let her know it was for her. Even though she ignored it for a few days, she did use it to give birth and nurse in. (It also had high enough sides that the kittens couldn't get out, but she could.) But, find whatever works for your cat. If she doesn't feel safe and comfortable she may end up dragging her kitties from place to place.

If you can't find more info on the web, the public library usually has some decent books.
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