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Cat Food Questions

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Hi! I just found this forum and I have some questions. I have two cats. Simon, a "mutt" I rescued from the street and Max, a long haired Russian Blue from the Humane Society. Simon has a sensitive stomach and I have been feeding both Royal Canin Special 33 for sensitive cats. It seems to be working a bit too well, because Simon is 13 lbs and Max is 14 lbs.!

Is there a food that anyone would recommend that would help them lose a little weight and not make Simon sick all the time? Finding Royal Canin was a Godsend because poor Simon threw up nearly every day on Science Diet.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!
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Try to nutro natural care weight control Much better quality than science diet and royal canin. It uses all whole foods and human grade meat. No preservatives...really good stuff!
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Maybe the Royal Canin Slim would work well for them.
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I would be concerned about switching their food to something else with the dietary problems that you cat has been thru. With any weight loss diet, and particularly in your case, I suggest consulting with your vet. Often times you can call without paying for the office visit.
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Please don't switch their foods till you have the ok from a vet. It can be dangerous to alter the cat's weight without a vet's guidance.
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