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Monday Daily Thread

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Good day everyone! It's turing out to be an OK day!! The weather is gorgeous even though it was 40 degress this morning!! My psychology teacher wrote me about my paper that I turned in this weekend..and...I got a 100 on it!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this day keeps getting better!! Have a great one everybody!!
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Looks like everyone is having a great day! Did my weekly weigh in (I started 2 weeks ago) and I have lost a pound. Woohoo!

I have the last volleyball game tonight and the negative nellies are not playing They are in Florida so we snuck in this girl to play who is awesome!

Congrats Candie on your grade - that is awesome!

Its raining here, but its actually kind of nice. I'm weird LOL

Have a wonderful day.
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It is raining here too today and I have sinus headage and feel like crap . Went to the store today and got my turkey , veggie and everything else I needet for Thanksgiving . Picked up uniforms for my hubby and turned some in and pick up my check from my church and spent it all already on crossery . I have done some laundry and will continue with laundry . Maybe I will paint some more in the cat enclosure today after I do a little cleaning .
Caprice my congrats on your grade .

I hope you all have a great day today
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Feel much better today. Took Dominik to be weighed at the clinic (held in some scabby community hall rather than at the doctor's surgery), he's only just past 12 weeks old, and already 14lbs 3oz!!! monster baby!!!

Do you guys have University Challenge where you are? It's a annual quiz on TV to determine the 'brainiest' uni. Well my local one, Reading was on and they were right in there almost to the end, when they were suddenly beaten by one of the seriously clever Cambridge universities.

I was kinda routing for them to win, but sadly not. Knocked out in the first round!!

Well off to bed now, and hoping I get a better night's sleep than last night!
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Hi everyone kids are out playing in the foot of
snow we got yesterday
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Hi everyone Just got home from my sons skating lessons- hes catching on so well! If we could get him to slow down a little and listen to his instructor he'd be fine ( he wants to be a NHL player, and thinks he needs to be Flash Gordon to accomplish that )

Well, I am now down by one piercing I went out with friends on Saturday night and lost my labret somewhere around the shooter bar. We had security look for it, but no luck. By Sunday night it was healed over, and it hurt too darn much to get it redone. I'm a little po'ed that I paid 50 bucks for something that lasted less than 24 hrs I'm thinking on getting a tragus piercing instead- maybe the girl will do it cheaper for me, since my labret was so short lived.

Well, off to watch Daddy Day Care with the kids again. They LOVE that Movie!
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Did nothing but worked today. It's honeys birthday so I thought I'd take a few hours off and spend time wiht him. Right now he's at his computer typing away. I love him so darn much!
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Work, work and more work on my end. Snuck out between meetings and went to the eye doctor - I mangled my glasses last Sunday and finally got them in for repair and had a check up. Turns out I'm at that age where my vision is changing rapidly - don't need bifocals, but my nearsidedness is not as bad as it used to be - my eyesight has gotten better (woo hoo)! Of course he thinks that I'm bound to go from nearsideness to farsideness in the next few years.....just that age I guess.

Getting ready to pack up and head up to Chicago for the weekend - going to have Thanksgiving at my sister's house in Arlington Heights.
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Lazy day for me. Spent the day playing with Amber, she is learning to blow kisses! Baked cookies this afternoon, watched TV, did some laundry, that's pretty much it! It was very cold here! Hubby will be home from work soon and I will make some meatloaf for supper.
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I stayed at Nanas last night so I wasn't on TCS yesterday or this morning. My day has been okay. My new litter are doing really well and they are so damn cute
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Wow, what a day! I got in to work to find that my computer had a nasty error message. Basically, somehow over the weekend my boot sectors got corrupted or erased. So I spend the morning on the "spare" computer of the office, but at least I was able to get my work done. I'm going to be slammed all week. Even if I don't have any more specifications to work on, I have to get everything done for the Christmas Party which is next week, decorate the office for Christmas, and get the Christmas Cards ready to mail out after the long weekend.

After work, we went to the Avalanche game against the Nashville Predators. By all rights, the Avs should have had an easy win, but they apparently didn't think they needed to show up to play until the 3rd period. THEN the &^$(&*$ refs totally missed a goal, which was obviously a goal. They wouldn't even review it. I swear there would have been a riot if the Avs hadn't scored a goal within 2 minutes. The Avs lost, though. It's the first game we have been to where they lost, so it was pretty disappearing.
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