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Hissey, I need your wisdo monce again

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Hi Hissey - Update on my darlings...Mocha and Max are starting to settle down with each other (hip Hip Hooray!) with only an occasional hiss, moan and growl as they pass each other in the hallway. Have unfortunately run up against something new with Max. Have you ever heard of a cat's claws growing back after having been declawed for a year? Do you know what causes this? Apparently, his claw started growing back and now is infected, so they have him on antibiotics. Obviously, surgery will have to be done again, but at least it's my vet this time, I trust his work....But I have never heard of this happening before..
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This happens when the original declaw was botched. Are all the claws growing back or just a few? You need to stop the infection first so a vet visit is crucial for this poor cat.
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Hi lady - Only one is growing back and I took him to my vet on Saturday. The substitute vet was there and she gave me antibiotics for him (luckily he's pretty easy going on taking those) and I've had to take him back this morning to see my regular guy. Am still waiting to hear from him. Of course, you can imagine how upset I am....this is my new child!!!! First Mocha bit him on the tail and now, this...poor baby....and he's so stoic....

I have to admit, when I got home on Friday night and saw the slight bleeding, my first thought was Mocha!!!!!!!!! (Thought he bit him again) Then when I found out it wasn't Mocha's fault, I felt bad and gave them all a little bit of tuna....had to assuage my guilt somehow...
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Hi Stevie
I'm sorry to hear about the claw growing back. Hope everything goes well for him and that the infection will be cured..

I'm curious, was Max already declawed when you rescued him?
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Pamela - thanks for your sympathy note...Yes, he was already declawed when I rescued him....just heard from the vet....They are going to keep him overnight and then tomorrow they'll fix his paw...Looks like I'm leaving work early to go visit before they close - he's started to become the sweetest cat - crawling up on my chest while I'm in bed watching TV to get his nightly fix of "loving"....Hissey - I'm really glad that I made the decision to keep him...
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So am I. Please talk to your vet about pain management after the second declaw. With the infection, the poor cat is going to be so stoically in pain, he will be miserable.
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Will do - thanks for the warning about the pain management.....I have no knowledge about this sort of thing....do you recommend anything in particular so that I can talk to the vet knowledgably?
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I would ask your vet to give him a pain shot just right before he is due to go home, and also give you a few pain pills for him just in case. Poor kitty... To have to endure a declaw once is asking a lot of cats, but to ask it of them again... At least it is only one claw. You might ask your vet to completely examine all the declaw sites while he is under to stop any potential infections or problems that may be brewing.
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Hissey - I will ask him to do that and I agree completely.....poor baby...
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