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I thought I'd cross post this message here in case anyone is looking to adopt. There are over 70 cats available, all ages and colors. Contact the rescue group if you can help:

I am writing to give everyone an update on the Cornelius, NC Persian/Himalayan collector situation. Atlanta Persian & Siamese Rescue made the trip this weekend and removed every single cat from this home. I cannot even begin to describe the conditions of the place but to give you an idea, when you entered you literally could not breathe from the stench of ammonia and your eyes would burn. Feces coated the floors, the counters, everywhere! There were approximately 70 cats in the home that, for years, were using the entire place as a litterbox. At that moment, we knew we could not leave ANY of them behind. We went in a like a small Army, and one by one, removed them all from the home and made the owner signed them over to us.

We met a rescue in South Carolina on the way back who agreed to take several. We now have approximately 50 in our care. We are overwhelmed with this many cats but I could never haved lived with myself if we left anyone behind. We just couldn't do it.

In terms of the conditions of the cats, amazingly, they are not in bad shape at all. Other than being absolutely filthy and reaking of urine, they are in general good health. We noticed many have earmites and we need to deworm all of them but they are not matted and and don't have any signs of RINGWORM. The ages range from 8 weeks old to probably 4 years old. They are all doll-faced and colors include: Black, Blue, Cream, Tortie, Blue-Cream, Blue Point and Seal Point. Many of the females are pregant and I understand that none have been spayed/neutered and have never received any vaccinations.

With this large number of cats, we desperately need HELP and we are not ashamed to ask for it. We need help in the following areas:

* RESCUERS: We need other rescuers to come forward who can take in some of these cats. We will assist with transport for those who are willing to take in 5 or more.
* FOSTER HOMES: We need people willing to care for some of these cats until room at our main shelter becomes available.
* DONATIONS: We need money to help with all the Veterinary and general expenses we will incur. We also need supplies such as Food, cat litter, flea shampoo, paper towels, cat box liners, garbage bags, etc. Please know that Atlanta Persian & Siamese Rescue, Inc is now a 501c3 tax-exempt organization and all donations are tax-deductible. All donations can be mailed to:

Atlanta Persian & Siamese Rescue, Inc
4852 Brianna Court
Powder Springs, GA 30127

* VOLUNTEERS: We need people who are local to come help with the daily care of these cats.

*ADOPTERS: And most importantly, we need wonderful, permanent homes for these precious cats. They are all wonderfully socialized, very beautiful and very, very sweet! If you are interested in Adoption, please visit: and complete an online Adoption Application. You may also e-mail me at

All of these cats will be fully Vetted and Spayed/Neutered prior to adoption.

Warmest Regards,
Cheryl Darity, President/Director
Atlanta Persian & Siamese Rescue, Inc