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Happy Birthday, NOMAR !

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Dear Nomar; I know your Birthday Party was a big success! :pinky:
Hope you didn't eat too much cake and ice cream! Sorry I couldn't be there. Thanks for sending me the cute invitation. I am mailing you a BD present, so tell Loretta to watch for it. Maybe she can post some pictures of your party here when she gets them developed. Did everyone enjoy playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" and other games? Again, I wish I could have been there. . . . Hugs and Aunt Darlene and your 6 "Cousins" in MO.
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TLK your so sweet!!
Nomar was fine while we decorated :baloon: :baloon: :baloon: of course he had to check things out. He was amused with the streamers.. Everytime my niece(who is 10) and I would attempt to hang them up, he would grab at them.

When my family came over Nomar wanted NO part of it...he stayed in the bedroom.
At times he would sit near the door and look out but that was it!

My sister-in-law bought an ice cream cake decorated like a baseball. I brought him out to the living room and he was
I never sang Happy Birthday so fast in my life!!

He received sooo many toys and treats...
The cutest thing was, my niece who is 2 would keep going in the bedroom..
I watched her bring him his toys one by one...Now picture this, he is under the bed and she had all his toys around him..
The next thing I see, he is laying on the bed across from her while she played...I took pics of that...

After everyone left he came out and checked out his other gifts....
Then he went to sleep I guess stress tires ya out...

oh and the games, my niece had the time of her life!!! Each one left with a little something from me and Nomar..Our way of saying, thanks for sharing this day with us...I took lots of pics and will send them to you...Thanks for thinking of
We love you!!!
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Congrats Nomar!

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Dearest Normar :angel2::angel2:

I hope you had the best time on your birthday NOMAR!!! Even if it was hiding! I know you had that Mission Impossible thing goin' on in your head


:daisy: :daisy:

I got your pictures Nomar and I'm going to do something very special with them as soon as this computer settles down ....:LOL::LOL: did Aunti Catarina think that!?)

Mommy will probably love it too, and you can play with it together

I got some great pic of you hanging on the SCREEN NOMAR!!! YEEEEHAAAAAWWW! :laughing2 :laughing2: Green Beret style...
I got the Nomar chants goin'.....Nomar..Nomar...Nomar...Nomar...
Thank you for that beautiful invitation
I must apologize for not seeing this Thread. I do hope you received my card with loving hugs and kisses to you and to Mommy too.

Well, God Bless You & Mommy Nomar and many more loving Birthday's to Share with that weawwy gweat Mommy of yours!
Love Always,
Aunti Catarina and your 6 cuz's Opie, Sharky, Job, Ninya, BrownBrown & Elvis
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Thanks Anne, Debby, for your thoughts. As for you Cat, your message made me :laughing2: :laughing2:
Nomar is definitely on a mission

Hey, he's been playing with his toys he got from his BD, like about 2a !!! Between bells and balls he's having his own party

Cat, Darlene, today I took lots of pics of him and will send them out...I know you'll get a kick out of some of his poses..

Wait I could be revealing Top Secret information.
His photos are CLASSIFIED!!! :laughing2:

Ahh... Cat, waiting to see photos of
" The Six Pack" ??????? and Darlene I can't wait to see your babies too!!!!

Hey guys thanks for thinking of Nomar and I appreciate your replies!!!!

Nomar's mommy :
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