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My Story of Love

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I posted this on my favorite Fish forum and I thought you guys might like to read it and some of the other stories.
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I just wanted to let you know that not everyone here at TCS has fish, and the site you posted your story on requires that people log in before they can read the forums. Could you copy and paste your story here for us?
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Oh Darn, I forgot about that little detail. Ok here it is.

I've had cats all my life but none like my siamese Mikki. Siamese are definately different breeds. She was very loyal to me and was never off my lap when I was home.

I got her as a kitten and she was 17 when she died. I was solely responsible for her life right from kittenhood so I felt it was my duty to decide how she would go.

She had lost a lot of weight (2 lbs) and was walking funny so I had her checked out and she was in kidney failure. I arranged for her crossing over. She died in my arms and I cried for two days. Time does not heal all wounds. Even now two years later I cry when I see her picture. We had been through so much together. I could see in her eyes I was her best friend.

I had moved several times and she always stayed with me except for once when she stayed with my parents till I got settled. I even lost her once because I listened to my mom against my better judgement.

We had to go to my grandmother's and mom said she had to come with us. If it were up to me I would have left her in the garage with food and water but mom made me take her. I had a bad feeling about it. Our 4th day there she was gone, somewhere up the hill into the countryside. We waited as long as we could before heading back without her. I told my grammy I'd be back in a week to look for her. My dad stayed there to fish so I left him with instructions to look for her.

At the end of the week grammy called and said no luck. I said I'd be there the next day. Told my mom I was taking the little car back up country to find Mikki. Did not really give her the opportunity to argue, not that it would have done any good. So 2 hours later and after a quick sandwich my dad and I set out armed with a box of food to look for her.

We covered every inch of that small country town, knocking on doors and calling her name and throwing handfulls of food around. It was a warm day and I was sweating too. (I think this helped plant my scent) It was a gutwrenching decision to call it quits for the night. I was starting to entertain the thought that she might be lost.

Next morning my grammy called upstairs and said "Your cat is outside!" I flew out of bed and down the stairs and sure enough there she was meiouing kinda funny and looking skitzy. I think she wanted to come but was scared of grammy who was standing behind me. I was petrified she might bolt so I asked grammy to bring me the box of food (more to get her away). Sure enough Mikki came to me once grammy was out of sight. I grabbed her and put her into the house and shut the door. We quickly ate breakfast and headed home. I was hoarse but happy. My best friend and I were meant to be together. We enjoyed many happy years together. She was beyond special and I miss her like crazy.
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That is a very nice story tracy. I know how that is to have a kitty so close to you. My Aurora, is just that way. Most of the time when I am on my computer, reading the forums, she is always on my lap purring as loud as can be. She will even stand up to stretch and give me kisses. When I watch TV, she is lying next to me. When I go to bed at night, she always sleeps next to me. I don't think that makes my wife too happy, because she always likes to sleep between us I hope she is here for a long time, she is only 2. People who don't own or like cats don't know what they are missing. They really are true great friends
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Amber the bobcat is beautiful. My one remaining cat is always on my lap too and often draped across my shoulder wanting a hug. She really gives me no choice so I have to stop and cuddle her I've tried to get her to sleep under the covers with my like Mikki used to do but she is quite happy at my feet for some reason. Maybe she will do it in her own good time but that was Mikki's spot so she got use to the foot. Who knows. Polly, my one remaining cat is adorable too and very affectionate.
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