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My god.. personally there is no way I'd be able to go anywhere if one of my cats were missing You guys are so strong. Is someone coming to feed Kanga and Roo? Maybe they can keep their eye out for Tigger too. Still sending positive vibes.
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Any news today Tamme? I'm still sending mega vibes & prayers!

Darn it Tigger....come back home! You're Mommy is worried sick!
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Still no good news ?

Please Tigger come home .
Still praying for Tigger to be save and to come home soon
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I hope Tigger comes back soon...dont worry too much. Felix was gone a week and a half and returned lastnight. Tigger will too!
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i hope tigger comes home soon keep all the come home vibes coming your way!
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Originally posted by Gothic_Amethyst
Felix was gone a week and a half and returned lastnight.
Well, that, at least is good news! Now, we just have to keep firing the come home vibes at Tigger.
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Poor Tigger! Please come home...

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Originally posted by rapunzel47
Well, that, at least is good news! Now, we just have to keep firing the come home vibes at Tigger.
I was so shocked and happy to see him I squealed his name. Luckily that didnt make him run back to where he's been! I've been totally spoiling him now...alittle canned food when I see him and lots of attention...maybe he'll stay now!!! *crosses fingers*

Tamme: Felix was somewhere inside. He came back fat and had to have been taken care of 'cause I dont see how he'd be ok without food that long. I thought he'd never return...but he did. Tigger will too! We're here for you!
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(((Come home, Tigger!)))

Tamme, just a thought, but perhaps Tigger got closed in someone's garage or shed? That happened once with my little feral cat - she got trapped in a neighbor's garden shed for several days. Perhaps you could ask your neighbors to check their garages & sheds?

Also, if there is an Animal Control in your area, you'll want to check with them in person on a regular basis. Policies may vary, but our Animal Control holds animals for a limited time only, and won't give info over the phone - you have to go down & look for the cat in person.

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Tamme, any news yet?
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Shell - I believe Tamme is in Mexico right now, so I am sure she will post as soon as she gets back. I hope Tigger is back by then.
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Oops! Since there were so many posts on this thread, I didn't read them all. I must have missed somewhere along the line that she was leaving. What an awful feeling!

I hope that Tigger will be waiting impatiently for her arrival!
Thanks Kellye for letting me know!
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I am so sorry Tamme. I hope that he comes home to you soon!

Go Home Tigger!
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Hi everyone! We're in Mexico and thought we'd pop in the internet cafe across the street from our hotel and see how you all are...I know, we're addicts.

So anywho, I haven't been able to get a hold of my friend to see if Tigger came back yet or not, I'm sure she would e-mail me right away if she did...

So, anyway, Mexico is really nice, we're actually contemplating moving here! It's like living in the rain forest. I'll post pics when we get back. So far so good on the burning front. No Burns! Woohoo, knock on wood.

So I can check my e-mail for very cheap here so I'll be back again soon, talk to y'all later!

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Hi Tamme & Darell in Mexico!

Hope you guys are having fun.. Still sending vibes for tigger..
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Sorry there's no sign of Tigger yet, I've been following the thread for a while and am crossing my fingers for you. Tigger WILL come home.
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Have you heard anything from your friend yet on any news of Tigger? I am still praying. Hope you are having fun in Mexico.
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If it makes you feel any better, Tamme, We had a cat that used to "run away" from home every year.. and I would go through what you are going through.. sometimes it was 2 months later.. we'd be sitting at the dining room table, look up and there she was sitting in the window meowing to get in. Do you think maybe she found a "friend" and is just hanging out with them for a bit?
I will be checking here regularily to see if your baby Tigger came home. I know Tigger will make her way home soon.. don't worry.. have fun in Mexico! wish i was there too.. it's f-r--r-r-r-eeezing here.
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Hi guys,no newsabout Tigger yet. She must be hanging around with the local ferals.Perhaps when I get back we'll check out the old neighborhood and see if she went there. It's over 10K so I doubt she would go that far with her arthritis.

Mexico is hot and muggy. The bus drivers are the top of the food chain and nobody gets in their way. It's great. Bargaining is fun, but tiresome. Everybody wants to sell you something.

Okay, I'll chat again soon,

Hasta Luego!
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Sounds like you're enjoying yourself.

I'm still sending those Go home vibes to Tigger.

I hope you receive good news soon.
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Hi.. How's ur vacation going? Any update on Tigger??
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So sorry about Tigger. Hope you find her soon. My Lucy has learned to open all sliding doors and has got out 3 times. We have coyotes near by and it terrifies me. I since keep the sliders locked. They are such escape artists.
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Hope Tiggers comes back soon. Bring me back a present
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Hola Tamme! Just wondered if your friend had any good news to report about Tigger... Poor thing, I didn't know she had arthritis!!

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has tigger come home yet????
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I wanted to know about Tigger too. Is she home yet?
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Hi everyone we're home safe and sound. No Tigger isn't home yet we left food out for her in her makeshift enclosure and it wasn't there when we got home. So we think Jillian took it out and never returned it. We asked her to stay here while we were gone and the place, I swear, is untouched. The water dish was dry and their litterbox was utterly full. They were totally attention starved too. I don't think she did anything but feed them and leave.

My Beta was dead and mouldy and floating in the tank.

My truck was broken into - again! But this time it was on the Ford lot where it is supposed to be secure. They didn't take anything but they sure tried to get the stereo. It didn't have the faceplate on it so it wouldn't work even if they did get it out.

Kanga is so big! I can't even believe it. His tail is so long and so fluffy!! And Roo is certainly getting smaller. Yay.

We have so much to unpack and wash. Ugh! But it's a good thing. I get to rediscover all the gifts I have to give to family and friends.

Well, I'm going ot start a new thread about our trip so there will be lots of photos. I guess I'll have to put it in the pictures thread eh? Or is that only for furr-friends??

ok bye for now.
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I'm sorry Tamme I wonder if you should start checking the local shelters and see if she has ended up there?

I am sad to hear whoever was taking care of your cats did an utterly crappy job. That is unacceptable and if that were a friend of mine, they wouldnt be one any longer.
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Tigger is still not home , how sad .I am so sorry , I am sure you had hope that when you back at home Tigger would come . I know I would have . So sorry of your betta fish . I know how it is comming home after vacation , big mess . I was disapointed too with my lady who took care of all my animals . But I cant complain she come by and fed them even though she broke her leg while I was gone . It took me 2 weeks to catch up with everything afer my vacation phew , I am glad I am not doing that every year . It is good to see you are back save and sound . So welcome back home
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thanks guys, you are so nice. I haven't talked to my friend yet, she's in Vancouver with her new boyfriend, so perhaps that's why she did such a crappy job, you know, she was distracted, but then she shouldn't have agreed to it.

anyways, grr, thanks for the warm welcome back!
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