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Good luck you guys
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Sending much more vibes to lead Tigger home....come home tigger wherever you are.... mommy and daddy are worried sick... roo and kanga are missing you too....
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I am still sending my thoughts out to you guys, I check in this thread on a regular basis, hoping to see that she has come home.
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I will step up my Tigger come home thoughts and aim them for 1am your time so you find her.

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I keep checking this post to see if Tigger has come home.

I know you must be worried sick about her.I hope you are able to find her very soon.
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Cats have a way of just sticking low for awhile. I would check any nearby sheds and garages in case Tigger went in there and couldn't get back out. Do you have anything like a toy, that makes a familiar nose that may make Tigger come out of where she may be hiding? You could walk around outside and either shake a can of treats or take a squeeky or bell toy with you. I'm just trying to think of something that may make her come to you guys.

Keep positive and I'm sending out many 'Tigger come home vibes'.
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When Coco got out we found her on the roof, she had crawled up the screen looking for a way back in the house. Also, Peaches was found in the garage. Have your neighbors check for Tigger in thier garages.
Good luck finding Tigger.
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I've been thinking about you guys and Tigger since you posted this. Good luck tonight!! I SO hope she will come out when all is quiet.

Sending lots and lots of "COME HOME TIGGER!!!" vibes...
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Have you tried looking up? I know a girl whose cat disappeared and she found him in a tree. I would look for her at night when it's quiet out. She might be more inclined to come when you call her. Have you checked under porches, sundecks, any nook & cranny that she may have retreated into? She could be very close by.
Have you posted a lost cat ad in your local paper?
Good luck. I pray for her safe return.
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Just checking in on if Tigger made it home yet. I'm keeping her in my thoughts, and sending as many Come Home vibes as humanly possible.
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Still no Tigger, eh? DRAT! I'm just sick every time I think about you and her. I know the feeling all too well. However, as folks are saying, don't give up hope. Do check all the garages and basements and sheds you can think of. Shasta went missing for a couple of days, when she was fairly young. I lived in a basement suite, with the door at the back of the house. The house next door was exactly the same plan, and their basement door was open. She went into the wrong house, and then freaked out. It was a couple of days later, when someone was in their backyard and heard a tiny meow that she was located. Nobody could get near her, and she ripped my shoulder to shreds hanging on when I found her. One freaked out kitty, to be sure, and one exceedingly relieved mum.

Tigger will come home. Tig: enough's enough, dear, let Mum and Dad know where you are. Mega come home vibes directed across the water.
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Come on Tigger, find your way home!!!

I'm praying hard you guys, and I will be absolutely overjoyed when the good news comes.

Go home Tigger baby go home!!!

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Tigger is still not back.

I hope that you find her really really soon. Sending you all the vibes I can muster.
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Oh and BTW it might be a good time to get that door fixed huh?
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We walked around the neighborhood tonight and still no Tigger.

But since you all have told your stories, I'm not nearly as upset about it as I was. I know she'll come back, it's just a matter of time.

I made an outside enclosure tonight for her in case she came home - it's made out of a carrying case with a small up-side-down box on the bottom to raise the floor about an inch, a heating pad on that, then some dry food in a corner. The whole thing is inside a garbage bag to keep out the rain and wind that we've been having. So now we can sleep. I don't know why I didn't think of this last night. Last night I got Darrell to wake me up every hour on the hour to check the front door.

So that's it, still no Tigger.

Oh and BTW it might be a good time to get that door fixed huh?
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It may also be a good idea to put a used shirt or any clothing that has your scent in the enclosure. Tigger may just smell her way home!
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Tigger may also be being kept inside someone's house. Once they see the posters they'll let her go, but I knew a woman who would take all cats into her house and wouldn't let them go until she knew they had a home. Personally I think that's rude, but some people think they're doing good by doing that.
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I prayed last night that you'd get Tigger back soon. I'm sending everything I have in positive vibes, that you get your beautiful baby back soon, and in good health.
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I just found this thread. I'll add my prayers and vibes to everyone else's.

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Marshmallow got out a few days after we rescued him. He came back the next morning... so keep looking!

I hope you find Tigger soon. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.
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Awwww....I've had this happen before...actually I havnt seen Felix for a week, but he does this alot and always returns. Just try to not dwell on it. Good luck. oh and COME HOME NOW TIGGER!!! ((vibes)) and ((prayers)) for you and Tigger!
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Sending "Go Home" vibes to Tigger.

I hope she returns home soon.

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I've been following this thread in hopes that some good news will follow. I continue to pray for Tigger's safe return.

God please watch over Tigger and guide her back home where she belongs.
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You guys are all so sweet, thank-you so much. Today we put out the rest of the flyers. So now 125 are out there. We will get Darrell's mom to print some more and we'll go out again hopefully tomorrow but maybe not till the next day (the day we leave for Mexico for a week!)

Apparently there is a feral colony two blocks away, so perhaps she went over there to hang out. I didn't put many flyers in that area.

ok I'll keep you all updated.

thanks again for all your support, I sure hope she comes home soon.
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I really hope she comes home before you leave! Maybe she did just go and hang out with some of the other kitties. She'll realize how good she has it at home and make her way back. *fingers crossed* I'm sure Roo and Kanga miss her too.
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Just checked in to see if there was any news about Tigger. Stay positive, I know it's hard, but I had a cat disappear for 5 months once and then one day I looked out and there she was just sitting there like she had never left! She was fat and healthy so someone must have been taking care of her, maybe a neighbor a few miles away. I will keep praying for Tigger.
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Yeah, me too. The prayers and come home vibes continue, and if kitties have a psychic network, well then there are plenty of kitty vibes coming from my household, too. Hang in there, Tamme, I sure hope your baby comes home before you go away!
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Hi guys, today we leave for our trip and it's raining cats and dogs.

Still no tigger .

Keep the hope alive and she should come home.

Thanks guys!
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Awww Tamme I am so sorry that Tigger has yet to show up The Boys and I are still sending the "Come Home Tigger" vibes. Try to have a good time on your trip.

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I'm so sorry that Tigger hasn't come home yet, Tamme! I'll keep the positive thoughts going out your way.
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