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Sending up prayers for Tigger to come home!!! Please keep us posted, I am sure Tigger will be home safe and sound very very soon!!!! **HUGS**
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Oh you poor thing! Sending lots of Tigger it's to cold for you come home right now vibes for you!!!!! Hope everything turns out ok. Let us know please..
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I hope Tig comes home. Maybe she is just frightened and hiding somewhere. She'll show up! Good vibes going across country to you! TIGGER COME HOME!!!
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~~~~sending mega positive kitty-come-home vibes your way~~~~~~
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Tamme, any luck?
I'm so sorry to hear that she's missing. It's one of the most awful feelings to go through...I've been there. It's that grinding ache in the pit of your tummy & thinking about all the "what if's".

I do pray that she comes home soon! Sending mega vibes, thoughts & prayers your way Hon!
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Oh, no, Tamme! How scary!!! Sending major "come home, Tigger" vibes!! (((HUGS))) I'm sure you'll find your baby, kitties are smart!
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OMG I am sending you tons and tons and tons of vibes. Come on tigger and come home!!!!
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How scary for you Tammie!!!! Come home Tigger, it's getting cold out!!
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OMG Tamme! I'm just reading this now..

I hope she comes home soon. PLEASE keep us posted. Hugs Sam.
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Just saw this too. Any news yet? Sending vibes to Tigger to come home!
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Oh my Tamme! I hope Tigger comes home soon for you! Any news yet??
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no there's nothing new.

I've got posters made up that I will pass out to the neighbors mailboxes tomorrow.

I just feel numb right now. Everybody says cats are smart and she'll be back, but she doesn't know the area very well and it's raining and there are dogs all over...

I'll keep you posted, thank you all so much for all your kind words, they mean so much!
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Sending Please Come Home Tigger Vibes.
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I just wanted to let you know that I can't stop thinking about Tigger. I'll be praying for her very hard and sending out warm and safe vibes. I know this is so hard and emotionally draining. (((((((((HUGS)))))))))
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Increasing my Tigger come home thoughts to high level.
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Originally posted by Tamme
no there's nothing new.

I've got posters made up that I will pass out to the neighbors mailboxes tomorrow.

I just feel numb right now. Everybody says cats are smart and she'll be back, but she doesn't know the area very well and it's raining and there are dogs all over...

I'll keep you posted, thank you all so much for all your kind words, they mean so much!
Tamme, I know this is hard and I think I'd be feeling the same way you are. I lost "Kiddy" like that a couple of years ago. He got out one day and never came back. BUT... don't let that scare you. I also have a great sucess story!

We had a cat once that we gave to a couple that lived something between 50-60 miles away from us. She had never been to this house or neighborhood the people lived in. Well, several days after they took her the lady called all upset and crying because Sam (the cat) got out and was missing. Something like 4 days later I came home from work one day and she was sitting on my front porch purring like nothing had ever changed. I was in shock! Needless to say we decided it better to keep that cat. She was my son's and he took her back to his new apartment and she stayed. That all happened in the dead of the winter in Northern Michigan.

This isn't necessarily what is happening with your cat. But at least you can hold on to a lot of hope! Cat's do know where their person is and will find them. Maybe somebody felt sorry for him and brought him in to stay warm and feed. Just don't give up hope.
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I'm praying that Tigger will be found soon! And I have two success stories to share that might help in your search ... Years ago, Harry went missing for two days. For those two days I walked the neighborhood shaking food, jingling my keys, calling his name. I did this in the morning, during the day, even in the middle of the night. I'm sure people thought I was crazy (and unsafe) to be walking around at 3am, but I didn't care. Well, I eventually found him -- he was two doors down stuck in the backyard of someone who had let their weeds grow 5 feet tall. Harry couldn't get out, so I opened the gate, went in a stranger's backyard and rescued my baby. Poor guy was hungry and scared. But, a happy ending! Now for another experience that could help: last week my neighbor's cat went missing for a day, he walked the neighborhood talking to everybody and calling the cat's name. He heard a faint meow and followed it. The cat was locked in a vacant house! There had been an "open house" and the cat snuck in. Then, the realtor locked up the house and left. And, since nobody lived there, nobody could hear the meows. Poor guy could have ended up locked in there for weeks if it wasn't for the cat's diligent dad. I've also heard of cat's getting locked in neighbor's garages and the like. I hope this helps Tamme! Take care
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I'm so sorry you havent found Tigger yet. I would be a complete wreck. I hope he's just hiding somewhere closeby.

Sending more good vibes your way

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Oh I would be freaking out I'm sure she's just running around exploring but I know that right now you're probably worried out of your mind.. At least you have identification tags on her.. Has any of the food been being eaten??

I am increasing my go home tigger vibes and praying that she shows up SOON..
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Tamme, I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but I recommend going out very late at night when it's quiet outside. One of my cats got out once, and that's when I was able to locate her. She was terrified of strangers, so she hid out under the neighbor's house, and I got a tiny, quiet "mew" from her and was able to locate her at about 2 a.m. when everything was quiet & there was less for her to be scared of outside.

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Tamme, don't give up hope. She will come home!

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Follow this link, and look through these websites. All of them have wonderful tips you can use to find Tigger-

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Tamme! I am so sorry that Tigger is gone! She will come back to you, she loves you and knows that you love her too! Sending good vibes to bring Tigger home!
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I too have been thinking about Tigger and wondering id she came home...I am so sorry to hear she has not. I will continue to think of her and say another prayer. I know one of my biggest fears is that one of my beloved furbabies would be missing. You are in my thoughts, please keep us posted!!
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OMG, I'm freaking out right now for you. Tigger please come home now. Keep us posted.
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I lost a cat for a month once. I spent every day walking the neighborhood and calling, posted signs, went to the shelter everyday. Then the shelter told me I could adopt a new kitty because I was a good Mommy and that night someone called and asked, "Do you have a black and white fluffy cat?" That was him! He was so happy to see us, but he was stuck 2 miles away from our home (probably jumped in someone's car because he liked rides)!
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I'll never forget the time I was about 20 yrs old still living at my parents house. Well ChiChi our indoor only cat got out somehow and we didnt notice for a couple hours. We looked all over the neighborhood.. I was calling her frantically when finally I heard a "meow!" coming from my backyard area. I couldnt see her so I kept calling her and luckily she is a vocal cat because she kept answering me and finally I figured out she was in the neighbors backyard behind our house. I scaled that 8 ft fence faster than you could imagine, and sure enough there she was looking up at me. I dont think she could figure out how to get back over the fence.
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Tamme, I just saw this...

Sending you mega vibes for Tigger to come home safe and sound. Don't give up hope. She will be ok.
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Hello all. This is Darrell,Tamme's Husband. Im at work and thought I would give everyone a update. Today we canvest the area door to door putting Lost cat posters in the mailboxes. We have put them in mailboxes in a 2 block area on every street around us. Tamme drove to the SPCA and I have changed the answering machine for people that may call. So tonight will be 48 hours and at this point we have done everything we can. We are very sad but are doing ok... well Tamme is but im not. Tonight around 1am we are going to go walk the area around the house. Thank you everyone for the support you have been giving us. Keep sending us good vibes, we really need then right now. Take care Darrell
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I will continue to pray for Tigger to be save and you are able to find him (((((((HUGS))))))) to both of you .
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