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I am in tears of joy right now . Praise God she is back
I am glad she is doing good and that the vet said she is ok . I hope the test and Xray will be ok too , crossing my fingers fo her .

Let us know how things go with her . I am sooooo happy for you
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Oh!!! I'm so glad Tigger is home! Everytime I have a minute each day to pop in and check the board, I check this thread hoping to see an update that she's back. I'm so very happy for you, and Tigger.
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YAY!!!!! That is TERRIFIC news!!! I have been so busy lately that I have not had alot of time to read alot of the threads here, but I have been checking in to see if Tigger has come home! I am so relieved to hear she is safe and sound, she must have had quite an ordeal!
YAY for you and Tigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh Tamme I am so happy for you and Darrell and especially for Tigger!!! I haven't written a whole lot in this thread, but I have been checking it and hoping so hard that it was good news. And it IS!! The BEST news!!
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*jumps up and down* YAY!!!!!!! I'm so happy Tigger's back! Make sure those evil doors are fixed! I'm glad Tigger's not permanently harmed. Here's some vibes that whatever sickness and tests he has to deal with now are nothing to worry with {{{{Vibes}}}}
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This is amazing!! I am so happy for you all. You must be soooo relieved.
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YAY I'm so glad Tigger came home!! I wonder where the heck she's been!? Well anyway, I'm just glad she is home now.
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HOORAH.... I have been checking every time I could - holding my breath and waiting for just this post.
I am thrilled Tigger is basically okay....I wonder where she has been all this time.
All those written and secret come home vibes really worked this time.:flash: :flash:
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Awesome news! Welcome home Tigger, please get some rest and nutrition in you so you can bounce right back to your wonderful ole self okay.
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That's such great news!!!!!!!! Welcome home, Tigger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to hear this wonderful news!!!
Welcome home Tigger! What a Christmas present!
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Great news that tigger is back! I'm sure she is super happy to be back home.
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OH MY GOSH! This is my first time on since I got back home and I'm so HAPPY to see Tigger's home! YAYYYYYYYY!
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I'm so happy. I've been checking this thread almost every day hoping for the good news. YEAH!

BTW, did you fix the door?

Hope this makes your Holidays happy! I know it would for me.
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I'm so glad Tigger came home, and just in time for you all to enjoy Christmas together!
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I had tears in my eyes as I read your post about your reunion with Tigger - I am SO happy she's home! What wonderful news!

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oh boy!! oh boy!!! I was crying when I read this.... man, I'm so happy for you Tamme!!! she's finally back!!!! give her extra hugs for me!!
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OMG! This is GREAT news!! I am so happy that "Tigger Baby" is home again!!!

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By the way, could u tell us how the neighbors got Tigger? Did Tigger just walk up to their house or ??? Details pretty pls?? AND does Roo & Kanga remember Tigger?? Are they okay with her?
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That's wonderful news.I'm soooo relieved to hear that Tigger is home safely now.
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Oh thank God ! I am sooooo relieved ! Oh and ditto to Pamela's smiley post !!! This really is a Happy Holiday !!!!!!!

Give Tigger a hug from me !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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That's great news. I'm so thankful she is back home, where she belongs.
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Thats just wonderful. You must be so happy now. What a wonderful Christmas present.
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Hallelujah! Sniffffffffffffff!

I'm so happy Tigger's home, and likely none the worse for wear -- still keeping fingers crossed that all those tests come back OK, of course.

Having lost kitties, recovered lost kitties, not recovered lost kitties -- my gut has been in a turmoil while Tigger has been AWOL, and I know the sense of relief you are feeling. So happy for you all -- I didn't want to think about what Christmas was going to be like for you with one of your babies missing -- now we don't need to
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Tamme- If I were you I would buy that neighbor a nice bouquet of flowers or something! So many people chase off stray cats and don't help them. I am so glad your baby is home now! And doubly glad you ran Tig to the vet!
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Add another big smile to the list. I was so reminded of the time Squirt was lost for 2 weeks. Great news, Tamme!
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I am so glad Tigger is home!!
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YAHOOOOOOOO! Tigger's home I know you are so relieved. I am so glad for you, give Tigger some extra scratches from me and head bonks from the boys
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hey guys, thanks for all your kind words. Your support through all of this has really kept me grounded. It has been so hard with her gone and now that she's back it feels like my life has come back to order.

We weren't even going to celebrate christmas this year without Tigger. It just wouldn't be the same you know? She was here before I came in the picture and we have so many memories with her and the tree, we couldn't even look at the stuff without thinking of her. So last night we finally put up our tree! Yay.

The only thing I don't like about the whole situation is the other cats reaction to her. It seems they corner her and gang up on her. Is it just me? Kanga will play with her but Roo seems to be a little more violent. He will chase her down and fight her. So her time out of the room is supervised. Until she gains some strength anyways.

Ok I've attached some pics of the day after we got her back, she just had a shower too. In one of the pics you can really see her spine. Did I tell you guys she lost 3 pounds (or 25% of her total weight)?

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