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I'm really sorry to hear that Tigger has not come home yet. I agree with Sicycat- have u checked the shelters, etc for Tigger? Also, have u tried looking out late at nite for Tigger?
Just curious and really HOPE Tigger comes home SOON!
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Welcome back Tamme. I'm sorry to hear Tigger isn't back yet. I keep checking the board when I have time for updates on her. You poor thing, I'd seriously be going crazy if it were Spike.

And it sucks your friend didn't take good care of Roo and Kanga. Maybe I'm mean, but short of a major tragedy, I find no excuse in the lack of care. I'm currently kitty-sitting Jamie's (Luv Those Paws) two girls, and I try my very best to treat them as if they were my own while they're in my care. I'm sure Roo and Kanga are thrilled to have you home.
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Boy, I agree. I would be LIVID if someone agreed to watch my cats and left them like that. I take care of my friend's cats regularly, and I feel guilty if I don't sit there at least an hour or more daily and visit with them
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Originally posted by Deb25
Boy, I agree. I would be LIVID if someone agreed to watch my cats and left them like that. I take care of my friend's cats regularly, and I feel guilty if I don't sit there at least an hour or more daily and visit with them
I couldn't agree with you more Deb! When I "Cat Sit" for people, I usually curl up on the couch with the cats...watch a movie...drink my coffee...just hang out for awhile. Geeze, I treat my friends animals how I want mine to be treated.

Tamme - sorry to hear that your friend did such a rotten job caring for Kanga and Roo -- I hope you give her heck when you speak with her...better yet have her read this thread—maybe it'll shame her to death Anyway - glad you are home safe and you're with the furkids... (Still praying for Tigger's safe return)

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Oh no, he hasn´t come home yet!?!?! That is so sad. I really hope he has accidentally taken ride with a car and then snuggled in to someone and doen´t know the way back, that way he could be allrigh and warm, even though he would be missing you terribly. Hopefully he will find his way home soon!
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Sorry there's no sign of Tigger yet, I also had friends who didn't look after Axl properly when we went away. Last time my Dad bit the bullet and put him in our local cattery it's a huge farm type place with heated enclosures and only a small number of cats at any one time. I worried myself sick for two weeks and called the cattery every day, I bet they hated me! Turns out I was worrying about nothing, he was so well looked after and happy when we went to get him! He'll be going back next year for his own little holiday.
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I'm so sorry to hear there is no good news of Tigger yet.
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I'm so sorry. I have been checking this thread everyday hoping that Tigger has come home. I really hope you find her. I would be a wreck if one of mine got out. Good luck and I pray she comes home safe and sound soon.
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Don't lose hope.
I know of a woman whose grandchildren's cat, "Mittens" has been missing since early fall. The family relocated to a new home and the cat ventured back to (was seen) in her old neighborhood.

The cat was just seen the other day near a barn and the family along with one of the former neighbors set a "Have-A-Heart" trap with food. They almost had her!! (unless it was another animal). Something ate some of the food but the door didn't latch properly and it got away. They are going to keep trying. They are praying to catch her and return her home for Christmas (they plan to keep her in after all this).
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Just to add one more story to the collection -- friends of my husband's (before my time, so this is second hand) had a cat who disappeared and wasn't seen for six months. They thought he was gone for good. Then one day he turned up, casual as you please, as if this was all very normal and usual, and stuck around for about six months, then disappeared again. He continued that pattern for years. When he was home, he was HOME; when he decided it was time to take off, he just did.

Hope Tigger turns up soon.
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I'm sorry to hear that your friend didn't take good care of your pets. This is going to sound harsh and like I'm butting in but I wouldn't make excuses for her. She made a commitment that she obviously could not keep. It's just lucky that no major disaster happenned. When I pet sit or meet other people's pets I treat as if they were my own. And when I pet sit I spend time with the animals even if it's a pet rock. Well I did promise a child I would.

I'm sorry to hear about your betta. I own three of them myself and adore them.

I hope you hear of some good news about Tigger. I didn't know she had arthritis. I'm sure that Roo and Kanga are over the moon that you're home with them.
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How awful for you.
I really hope Tigger comes back soon, so i'm doing the 'vibes' too.
Susan x
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TIGGERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Here girl!!! Time to come home and get some tuna!

Another homecoming story for you...heard this on the news last night. The family moved 30 miles to a new home. About a week after they moved in, they let their lab out in the back yard and she disappeared. She just showed up on their front porch 6 years later. They said it was obvious from her condition that someone took her in.
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TIGGER COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tigger please please please come home
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Still no sign? Tigger COME HOME!!!
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Tigger - get your BUTT back home or else Santa won't be able to give you your presents!!!!!

Sending mega COME HOME NOW vibes your way. I know how the panic feels when one escapes outside. I had one (Taz) decide to check the great outdoors at night, in the dark, raining and cold. Thank god he had his collar with the bell on it. When I lost site of him, I could at least follow the jingling. It took 1 hr 15 minutes just following him around and then finally grabbing the only part I knew I could hold onto...his tail! BOY was he P*SSED!!!! Then again, hanging upside down by your tail is extremely damaging to your dignity. I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the police with all the racket he was making. You would have thought I was torturing him or something.

Luckily, he no longer desires the outdoors. Probably because the last time he was out (on a leash and harness) a neighbor's dog (not leashed) came running at him and tried to get him. Of course I ended up paying for it because Taz used my bare legs (summer time) as something to dig his back feet into to get away. He was scared sh*tless. Since then, all he wants to do is just look out and that's it. I couldn't be happier.

So come back home Tigger real soon so mom and dad can give you lots of lovin' and huggin'!

{{{{GOOD VIBES}}}} coming from Lisa and all the furkids
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I'm sorry to hear that Tigger has not yet come home. Don't worry.. Tigger will come home when she's ready! I keep checking back to this post, I think of Tigger everyday.. even though I don't know her. It's funny how I feel I know her.. from reading so much about her in the little time i've been here. I've asked Santa to bring her home to you.

all the best..
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cause TIGGER'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A neighbor called last night and left a message saying that she thinks she got our kitty. She said she's lost a lot of weight and they couldn't keep her cause they had four kitties of their own but they could make a bed for her in the garage. Darrell called her right away and was shaking with excitement as he talked to her. By the description it was her! So right after he got off shift we sped right there, knocked on the door, this sweet sweet couple opened the door and one of them was holding her! I looked at her closely just to determine for myself and once I saw those golden eyes looking back at me I couldn't stop shaking myself. I held her and held her. I didn't even hear Darrell talking to the couple for the first minute. Then Darrell held her. Boy has she lost weight!! But she's not broken anywhere, she just smells like she's been living under a car. So we took her home (purring the whole while) showed her to the other cats and let her drink her fill (which was lots). Then when she was a little settled in I gave her a shower with Johnson's lavender baby shampoo. She didn't cry too much, not like she used to anyway. Then I held her in a (microwaved) towel and rubbed her as much as I could, then we went to bed. She snuggled down between us like she always did and purred her little V8 engine all night. She never moved I swear. Then this morning she used the litter box we put in our room and ate and drank and purred and ate and drank and purred.

Today we took her to the vet and she said that she's got an upper respiratory tract infection which we have vaccinated her against so her sneezing is all we're going to see of that. She said her liver is a bit inflamed and she's got a slight temperature which will all go back to normal once she settles down. She doesn't have jaundice so the vet wasn't worried about her liver. She lost 3 pounds in two weeks! she now 9 pounds. Her belly area is nearly nothing compared to her rib cage. You can feel all her bones. But she's not injured and she's got her appetite so she got a good bill of health. We just have to get a blood test for FIV and Feline Leukemia and some X-rays to determine what's wrong with her shoulder. The vet said it could be minor arthritis but the only way to know is with an X-ray. So as soon as we can scrape some money together, we'll get that done.

Ok, sorry to ramble folks but I thought you might have wanted to know all the deatils of Tigger's return.

Bye for now.
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Oh my God Tamme! That is so WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy she's back home!
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That is GREAT NEWS, Tamme!!! I've been following this thread closely and wishing and hoping really hard for you. It was so terrifying to think of, I can't even think how we'd be if we lost one of ours.

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Thanks to the couple in the neighborhood who kept him from harm also
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awwwwwwwwwww i'm so happy she is back!! that is wonderful!
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yay! I knew she would be OK--you must be SO relieved!
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I am so happy to know Tigger's back! Yahoo!Yipee!
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That is wonderful news! The day has finally arrived!

Now its positive thoughts that she tests negative for FIV and Feline leukemia
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I've been anxiously awaiting those words!
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Yippee! I was worried for you and Tigger!
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