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Tigger's gone!

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I can't find her anywhere! It's 3am FREEZING! and I can't find her! My stupid door doesn't close properly ever since Jillian's dad "fixed it". Once in a while the door will magically hang open with the lock in place. I'm always astonished when it happens cause I know I closed the door and locked it! But if I don't give it that extra umph it can open on a gush of wind. Now Tigger's gone, my place is so cold but I'm not going to close the door. There's dog $h!t all over the back yard and and I don't want her to feel like she can't get back in.

She does have a collar on with her name and our phone number and her rabies tag as well on it. But there are so many cats around that it's hard to tell which ones have a home. I dumped some wet food in the front yard so maybe she'll come to the smell and come home.

She's only ever been out a couple of times in her 11 years and doesn't know the area at all.

Please send come home Tigger vibes, I really need them right now.
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OMG Tamme! This is so scary. I'm sending mega vibes and praying for Tigger to return safe and quickly! Poor baby.
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I just saw a pic of Tig and burst into tears! I was on the phone with Darrell too. He's so calm about this! He says she's just out and about having fun and getting to know the area. He says she'll be back.

I'm going out to call her again.

be back soon.
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I am sending good vibes and saying some prayers. Curzon occasionally has pulled an all nighter on me. He worries the heck out of me. I hope he comes back.

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Oh no! Sending vibes your way Tamme!
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Oh no! Tamme - I am sending positive vibes your way. I hope that Tigger shows up really soon....and when she returns, I hope your able to get that door fixed. How scarey (((((hugs)))))

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I'm sure she'll come back soon after having her little adventure, but I'm sending good vibes and positive GO HOME KITTY thoughts to your girl..
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Tamme - how frightening for you and for poor Tigger.

I'm keeping everything crossed and hoping she come right back.
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Prayers for Tigger's safe return. If you have neighbor's close by with garages. . . . call them or place an ad to have them check for Tigger. Sometimes cats go into garages to hide and then get shut inside. This happened to someone I know who lost their cat. Don't give up. My Molly disappeared for a week once. . . . we think she got locked inside a storage room at the apartment complex where we were living at the time. Cats are extremely smart in finding their way back home. . . . mine always are.
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Hope your Tigger comes home! One of mine got out once when we lived in Germany and I found him huddled up beside the house in a hiding spot. My neighbors 2 siamese jumped from her balcony when we lived in germany also, it was on the second floor and they stayed gone for about 4 days, we looked for them everyday and I found one of them hiding in a stairwell in a building across the street. The other one came back on his own, I found him sitting outside the stairwell door, ready to come back home. Hopefully yours will come back on her own too. Check all the bushes close to your house, and maybe take the treat can out and shake it and call her when things get quiet at night. Sometimes when I get ready to feed my outside cats, I have 2 that go outside and they arent around I take a can of cat food and tap on the side of the can with a spoon and they know that means dinner and they come running usually, that might work if she is close by and knows that sound of a can, or a pounce container or something like that.
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Sending come home thoughts! My Munchie boy once went missing for 3 weeks - but he came home - safe and sound.

Please keep us posted!
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OMG Tamme!

Sending Tigger-get-your-butt-home-NOW vibes!!!!
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OMG how scary . Did you find him yet ?
Please Tigger come back .
I say a prayer for him to come home
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Hope you find him soon
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OMG this is so scarey. What's going on? Any news? Maybe you're out looking for him now. You know what though.... cat's are pretty good at finding their way home even if they are not normally outside cats. He's probably huddled up somewhere staying warm and taking a catnap. I'm sending you "come home Tigger" vibes.
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Tamme- here's a link with what to do

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Hope your Tigger comes home soon. My older cat Axl once went missing for three days and sauntered home like nothing had happened. I've never cried so much in my whole life. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
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Oh no poor Tigger!!! I hope you find him soon. ((((((((()))))))))
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Tamme- sending " Tigger get your fuzzy kitty butt home NOW and stop worrying your mom!" vibes. Keep us updated on whats up and when she comes home !
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Ohhh That must be so frighting for u!!! I'm sending BIG "TIGGER, GET YOUR BUTT HOME NOW AND LET UR MOM KNOW THAT U'RE OKAY!!!" VIBES to u... PLS keep us posted.

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Oh my gosh, poor Tigger! I hope you find her soon.
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Thanks guys for all your help, Keep those vibes comin.

It's been almost 12 hours and I have to go to work soon. I don't know how I'm going to concentrate on the old people...

my M.I.L. is printing up posters for me and I'm going to deposit them in every mailbox within a 5 block radius. I hope.

I checked in the neighbors yard and she's not there. I think she's in panic mode and won't come out even if I shake kitty treats in her face.

Some friends are helping to look for her too.

Thanks guys. I'll keep you posted
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oH tAMME! Poor Tigger! I hope he stays put or goes to someone nice that knows you are looking for him. I would be devestated if my Mittens got out! I thought he got out last night when I went to wash clothes, Watson had pushed the door open and it was open atleast 5 minutes! Needless to say, Mittens was curled up next to Zack purring away!! ((((((((((COME HOME TIGGER)))))))))))
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Oh Tamme I just saw this Poor Tigger and poor you! I am sending all the come home safely vibes that the boys and I can send. Hang in there!

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Sending Tigger, please come home now vibes.
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Oh, Tigger, sweetie, come home quickly, and stop worrying your poor Mum so...

Tamme, "been there, done that", and I sure hope she turns up soon. Hang in there...
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I really hope Tigger has found her way back home by now! Tamme, I remember you moved a few months ago, and Tigger might try to return to her old home too. You might ask some of your old neighbors to watch for her just in case.
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Tigger, come home!

Tamme, try this website - they have great tips, and a page about locating indoor-only cats:


Hang in there!
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Tamme, I'm so sorry this happened! Poor Tigger, and poor you! I'm sure both of you are just as scared as the other.
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Get home safe and soon, Tigger, wishes, winging their way to you, from the UK too !!!

Fingers crossed !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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