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i am new

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hello everyone i am a cat lover..an i have two precious cats well a big cat i have had for two in a half years.an a kitten who my husband an his boss found wandering around at thier jobsite an they brought this cutie home to me..i beleive he is mixed with alot of maine coon.very adorable..but my other cat his name is punkin an he is a orange tabby whom might i add for an oraange vat is very adorable he was a resuce cat whom o got from this lady who rescues abandoned an abused kittys,he was abandoned an abused.an when i went to pick out a cat well he picked me i didn't pick him..she had me hold him an when i did he just buried his head in my shoulder.an ever sense he has been my shadow..he goes to the bathroom with me,everywhere i go he goes..i even sleeps on my head at night.an when the newbie arrived he wasn't sure of him
but now he knows th elittle one isn't hee to take his place just to be his pal.an of course a new follower for me hehe anyways i am inlove with my cats..my husband says you love that cat more than me
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Welcome to the site! You know, my husband has said that same thing to me - that I love the cats more than him! LOL
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it must be a man thing!!nice meeting you to
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Welcome to this site and enjoy your stay .

Just to let you know , my husband said the same thing to me . Maybe it is a man thing
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Welcome to TCS! Hello too to Punkin and the little newbie!
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you and your family.
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thanks for the warm welcome love your pics of the kittys..
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Hello and welcome to the site. You know, my wife says the same thing about me and Amber. She says, you love that Bobcat more than you do me Of course, she always catches me when I pick up Amber and give her kisses. You cant help it, they are all so cute
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hi nice meeting you .yeah my hsband said it again last night he really believes it.he says you don't show me that much attention.and you don't rub me like that an so on..he is so funny...but your right we just can't help ourselves..our cats are just so irresistable
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Welcome to TCS! Cats are my life.. I do love them more than my family!
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Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome
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