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Anyone else worried about xmas?

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always seems so much to do, and already my anxiety is going through the roof....

At least we don't have the family coming over this year. Worried about what presents to get and where I am gonna get the money to pay for them.

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Sounds like you might need FLYlady at, don't worry about it. We rarely do anything super special on Christmas. I put up the tree on Thanksgiving and gradually pop the present beneath it. On Christmas Eve I put the sock stuff in the stockings after our son is in bed and then when we all wake up we go through the stocking stuff and then have a little breakfast and then open up the presents under the tree one by one (it lasts longer that way). Our meals are the same, though, and no one has to get dressed up.

I also buy presents through out the year. Right now my hiding place is stuffed full so I can't wait to get the Christmas stuff up and out.
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Not this year. I started Christmas shopping in August, and now have everything together. I hate shopping, and the overcrowded shops the month before Xmas give me claustrophobia, so the only alternative is to start early (and do a lot of the shopping on the Internet). Get what you can afford - there's no reason to go into debt giving presents, or work yourself into a frenzy trying to make everything perfect.
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seems like my Anxiety goes sky high around the holidays
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Not me, my house is a Christmas Free Zone. If there is something like a Secret Santa at school or at his work, we will participate, otherwise I get something for my daughter, and that's it. We relax, cook, and drink. Our families ruined Christmas for us years ago.
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I LOVE CHRISTMAS time. We are listening to music right now! nice...I got some of my gifts already, but for some I have no idea what to a couple of weeks'll be ok Take it easy and enjoy this time of year! May your life be filled with Merry times this holiday season! (((HUGS)))
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Isn't the day after Thanksgiving the biggest shopping day of the year? I don't let the stress of the Holidays get me down. I love this entire season, and I just go out and look at the lights and decorations and I don't worry about things.
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I'm definately stressed about how this Christmas is going to work out.

First we have to pack everything and move, then do repairs
on the new house and I'm going to try and decorate so it
looks like Christmas in there. Christmas Dinner is at
my house this year so I want it to be as decorated as I
can get it in time and we still haven't bought barely
any presents.

My Sister is going to come live with us on the 8th so we
have to make room and adjust to another person in the house.
(We've lived together before so should just be falling back into
the routines again)

Plus there's a few other small things that add a little
to all that needs to get done next month.

I'm sure it will all fall into place, and even if
it doesn't I think it will still turn out just fine but
just thinking about next month stresses me out a little lol
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The only thing I'm worried about is the christmas tree, Jeepers likes to climb and this being her first christmas I'm afraid she's going to do herself some damage pulling the tree down on top of her when I'm not looking. I'm going to buy a big metal fireguard to try and fence off the tree when I'm not in the room, it's really ugly! If anyone has an alternative suggestion please let me know.
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jeppers I tie my xmas tree to the wall with fishing line ,you can't see it and it will hold the tree up.make sure you get it all the way around the tree at the top,and decorate it around it.I have done this even before I had cats,I have 6 grandchildern! And yes I am stressed out both Ted & I are jobless right now.
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I am stressed a little. I am a brand new home owner, ( I all have myself a single wide. Ok, so I'm trailer trash) I will be putting up a tree. The problem is that I have the entire collection of Star Trek Ornaments and the Journey's Into Space and I don't think that my cats will understand (Mint in Box). Oh well.

I tend to do my shopping way before Christmas. I am also I potter so I make a lot of my gifts. I keep the twelve days of Christmas. The tree goes up on December 24 and (well should) come down after January 6th. This means that I still have time to catch the after Christmas sales and my family understands.

Just because the rest of the world goes nuts doesn't mean you have to.

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I'm terrified of the holidays this year.. I graduated since last year and am unemployed (which of course means everyone will ask how the job hunt is going and Oh isn't it strange I haven't found work, etc), then last year I brought my fiance to dinner (which means THIS year I have to explain that no, we're no longer getting married, and no I'm not seeing anyone, and yes, I'm OK).. Then I have to worry about credit card bills which will start coming dec 15th for stuff I already bought.. Luckily I have two lovely sets of families so I don't have to cook or anything, but still it will be stressful in other ways lol. I guess it just gets harder and harder, huh? Not too long ago Christmas was beautiful stress-free and fun, and now it's just such a demanding time.. I can't imagine doing what my mother has done throughout the years, but I guess my time is coming..
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Goblin, congrats on your new house - that is something to be very proud of. Annabelle, *HUG* for surviving the stress this year.

We decided to get very stress-free. After too many stressful family get-togethers, this year it'll just be the two of us and the kitties. NO presents for anyone, except for cat toys, of course.

I loved xmas trees, but had to get rid of that tradition after the kitties came. Still put up some holly wreaths, and thinking of stringing lights outside. LOVE xmas songs, have many CDs, and sing along.
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We just got back from shopping and we STILL have 21 people to buy for. fortunately 7 are co workers so tat will be easy and cheaper then the rrest. then there's the rest.....14 people adults and children all hard to buy for, al mega bucks to ship things to.(we are all living in different parts of the US) all the stress is horrible! hoping that things get to their resepctive places on time and in the condition I sent them in. I hope I can get all of them done this year early.( I hope I hope I hope)
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Christmas is my favorite time of year. I too love the music and the lights.
It can be stressful if you try to make it Martha Stewart perfect and go overboard with the gifts & cooking.
I've experienced toppled trees. . . .from bouncing children and broken tree stands. . yes, fishing line works great.
I've also read somewhere that you can tie balloons to the lower branches to deter the cats. . . if they try to play with the ornaments and pop a balloon, it will frighten them so they'll leave the tree alone. In the past my cats love to sleep under the tree. I'm not sure what my newest addition (Morrell) will do.
Icicles (the plastic shiny type for trees) are dangerous for pets, so don't use them!

I could not imagine moving at Christmas time. . . . but people do. . . . and they manage somehow. If it were me, I'd probably try to keep Christmas as simple as possible and plan a more elaborate one for NEXT year once settled into the new home. . . or delay it until January sometime.

My family (sisters, mom, nieces, nephews) draws names early for Christmas presents and sets a limit on how much to spend on each person. It works out well. . . . less presents to buy. . . . and we can focus on buying the right present.

For my children. . . ages 15 & 21. . . I have them make lists. . . . and usually end up getting them gift cards for their favorite stores.
One year I wrapped $20 bills in individual boxes of various sizes along with small gifts(like stocking stuffers). . . it saved me from returning gifts and my daughter was thrilled to have $$$ to buy what she wanted.

I always try to do something for a needy child. . . . it always makes me feel good to know that a child will wake up Christmas morning to receive gifts that I hand selected with care. I usually buy what's on their wish list (usually clothing) and add a toy & treat.
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This website has a lot of great ideas for noncommercial gift alternatives - very helpful if you're fed up with the commercialization of Christmas. It's also quite helpful for those having some tight financial times, or who don't want to spend the rest of the year paying off debt from the holidays. I like the idea of homemade gifts, or gifts of time & love - no clutter, no debt. Also, for me at least, making things does a lot more to get me into the holiday spirit than fighting crowds in a shopping mall.

The main website has some great insights, too.
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I'm getting a little stressed about Christmas this year, but I'm not going to go overboard and buy like I did last year. I bought way too much stuff. I'm just gonna try to buy practical presents this year for my kids, they are 14 and 19, so no I dont have to worry about toys. I think I will mostly go for clothes and stuff like that this year. I am worried about a tree this year, we will keep it simple though since we have kittens in the house this year, I'm not even taking out my glass ornaments this year. When we lived in Germany we bought alot of glass ornaments that are beautiful and I dont want them broken and dont want the cats to get hurt from broken glass! I was thinking of decorating my tree with beaded fruit ornaments and natural things this year, or silk flowers and lights of course. We usually get a live tree from the tree farm not far from here, so thats what we will do this year too I guess. We only had one climb the tree last year, but with the kittens I'm sure that is likely to be an everyday thing this year. I'm gonna go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, I usually go every year when the stores open really early and get really good buys.
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I love Christmas. I want it to be a little more relaxed this year though. I'm not worried about presents, as I get a Christmas bonus every year that takes care of the money for presents. I only have my sister, brother-in-law, father, godchild and a few friends that I buy for anyway.

My problem is that I have a large circle of friends and there are so many parties that I'm invited to, that I don't know if I'll have time to do the things I love to do at Christmas time. I love being at home and making cookies to put on my tree. I want to have a few of my friends over for a Christmas tea and that means a lot of work. I like to take one night and wrap my presents while drinking egg nog and playing Christmas music. Oh well, we'll see if I can eek out some time this holiday season to just enjoy it.
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I love Christmas too but i also love when it's over with.
It's to darn commercialized now days that some have forgotton
the real meaning if Christmas
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The only thing I am worried about is having the money to buy Amber's gifts so that she has a wonderful Christmas. We will get by alright, though. Hubby and I are not exchanging gifts, and have already told family members not to buy for us, since I lost my job we can't afford to buy gifts for everyone this year. We will buy for his other two kids, of course, and his mom, but that is it. I am looking forward to having a tree up, although I think most of the bottom decorations will be pulled off in a few minutes!!! Amber will LOVE the lights, though!!!
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I've become less stressed now that I can live without decorating the house each year. Hubby won't have an artificial tree and neither of us will cut down a tree for the purpose. We sometimes get a live (balled in burlap) tree and plant it in the yard. We hang out a wreath and some ornaments on the kitchen cabinet doors and call it done. We do not practice any formal religion so Christmas to us is simply a time to show our love to our friends and family.

We've canned homemade pear butter and pear jam for the families, so only have a handful of people to buy for (mostly each other). Buying for our immediately family only is 12 households and about 50 people, so we've resorted to homemade gifts over the years. They really do appreciate it and is actually more work than going out shopping for mostly unwanted trinkets.

I think I'll do some online shopping tonight!
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I'm not necessarily worried about Christmas. But it definitely is going to be different since Emily is on her mission, my son and his family are in Michigan and I still don't have a job. The only thing that bothers me is I usually send my 2 grandsons lots of gifts and I can't do that this year. But they're young!

I like Christmas time. I like the smells and sounds and especially my tree! I do a lot of baking and then on Christmas eve my daughters used to go around and deliver baked goods to many of our neighbors. I might have to do it myself this year!
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MomofMany...pear butter sounds delicious! I have never had that before, but my mom used to make apple butter and I loved it even though I am not normally a huge apple fan.
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