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This is more for the women, but men, if you want to jump in, feel free. I bought that Epil-Stop hair remover that they advertise on TV (the stuff where you wipe the hair off!). All I have to say is that it BURNS! I looked on the packaging, and it contains some sort of acid, aside from the citric acid. It left little red marks on my legs.... burn marks that turned into scab-like sores! I did exactly what the directions said. Has anyone else tried it with success? I am thinking of emailing them and seeing if I can get my money back! Has anyone tried it with success?
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I have not tried it but was going to buy some. They show people on TV using it on their face as well as their legs. I have very sensitive skin so now I am not so sure if I should try it.
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Why is it that all these companies make all this stuff for women but make us poor guys scrape our face with a razor??? Not fair!!!!!:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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If you let us wax your face we will do it for free! Fair enough?
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No sympathy here for us menfolks..
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Dear Tigger :angel2:

OUCH! That's about all I have to say about any of that depilitory cream. It burns! I remember as a teen,:blossom: I used "Nair" and although it did take the hair off, I think it also removed a layer of skin too!

I hope you feel better soon...

Love &
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Catarina, Now, see, I have never used Nair before! But, that must have hurt having a layer of skin being burnt off!! I thought of trying Nair, but after what you said, I think I will skip it! Thought of waxing, but then again, I've heard it rips a layer of skin off! Oh well..... I will just stay to using a razor!

Kittyfoot, You get to scrape your face and knick your chin or near your ears, while we get to knick our legs..... I think it is fair to say that we are even!!
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Men can use Epil-Stop as well. I have seen them put it on their face on tv and just wipe it. I have seen them put it on their chest hair as well but for the life of me I dont know why.
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Why don't you try electrical epilators which take out the hairs from the roots, yet it's not messy as wax, etc. ?? It's easy as shaving, but a little bit more pain involved (not very much though)

The first time we came to USA, I used wax for the first time in my life (we use something like wax, but actually made from sugar & lemon) Because it's not water-soluble & because I guess I couldn't do it properly, there was wax here & there on my legs for a week or so !

That was when I was determined to find an electrical epilator..I found out that they are not very common in USA; I could hardly found one ! Whereas they are very commonly used in Europe...
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Dear Dodo :angel2:

Wow, I wish we had more of those electrical deplilitory's too! I think I've seen one, but we didn't have too much marketing on it...that's too bad since you say it worked so well. Does it actually feel like a razor has shaved your legs? I don't enjoy shaving, but I have to admit that I love a smooth leg.

Will you get back with me on that? I'd love to know what the leg feels like with an elecrical depilitory

Also, does it last as long as wax?

Love, Peace &
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Dear Elinor :angel2:

I was reading your post and found it quite interesting because your statement was indeed a personal preference. I find that I prefer no hair on a man's chest...kinda strange? Well, that's just a personal preference :LOL::LOL::LOL:

I guess it all began on my first blind date :paranoid2 My brother hooked me up with this guy that was so hairy...I just had to ask him if he had hair on the bottom of his feet...
(naughty girl!):girly2:

Well, needless to say, that was a real short date...........THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!

Love, Peace &,
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Elinor...Everything works good on TV if you get a guy to try it let me know the results....I'm chicken.

It's too bad we have developed these silly ideas about how women and men should look. I wince every time I see one of the current crop of fashions...and those models...geez!! I grew up with the "if you ain't a big rugged jock you ain't ----"mantra. Since I was the skinny kid who got stomped until I learned to be utterly vicious in these scraps. Then I became the "Crazy Skinny Kid" but the beatings stopped.

Now I'm often amused when I meet one of the former Hunks or Beauties that I grew up with..they all look a lot older than me.

Anyways..I have long ago pretty much made peace with the way I look. Fortunately I found a lady who sees the real me and I thank God for her every day. As for the rest of the still judgemental world,you have seen that I make no apologies for who or what I am. they can take a long walk off a short pier.
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Dear Kittyfoot :angel2:

Hi there! We haven't touched base in a while, but I had to tell you that I loved your last post and I happen to adore your lady too! :angel2: She's a very sweet :flower: person and we've had many wonderful chats!

It's so nice to see two people in love
....so refreshing! aaaaahhhhhhh....I guess now I won't feel so "love" silly when I talk about Philip on here...

I still get goosebumps even mentioning his name...I call that true love for me!

It's good to see you Kittyfoot

Love, Peace &
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I don't know about epil-stop, but products like Nair should not burn you like that. But then again, I don't have sensitive skin. Actually, they don't even work that well. Every time I try them, the hair just doesn't come off! I think it only works for people with very thin, fine hair.
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Just saw commercial for Nair wax removal product.

midnightbride, like you the regular Nair stuff didn't work on my tough skin.

Like having my eyebrows waxed but I'll keep a razor for legs.

In South Korea in 1980 they used a straight edge razor to shape eyebrows. I was never cut, and I loved the way it looked.

In Sinop, Turkey 1986, eyebrows were plucked by Turkish lady. She always did the left one first. I brought her a Coke to drink before doing the right one cause I remembered how much it hurt!

Don't want to put my legs through any of that!!

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I only remove my leg forest with a good old razor. I do have my eyebrows waxed though. Sometimes I pluck but it doesn't last long enough. I don't think I could survive a full leg wax. Sometimes I wait until I become a cactus to shave just for the fact that the kids will stay off my lap while I am on the computer. They hate pokies!! The man next door was having me search for something on Ebay for him. He left here with war wounds from my leg rubbing against his. He still says he's gonna sue me. I know I have to shave when my husband won't sleep next to me. Sometimes having pokies is an advantage. Nair never worked for me either. My hair is really thick and course. I think if I was a blonde that it may work. Their hair is usually fine and thin. So I think I will stick to the good 'ol razor. I have been known to use self tanners in the winter though.That's about as conventional as I get.:tounge2:
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I only shave in the summer time. My hair is very fine so you can't really see it. I wear jeans to work all the time too so it's covered. I tried that Nads stuff on my legs and it ripped a layer of skin off and caused red bumps. I only use it on my underarms and upper lip when I have time. Otherwise, I shave. I've found that Nads doesn't get every single hair so I either go over it again or just shave what's left. It's not worth the aggravation.

I had my eyebrows waxed once, the day before I got married. UGH!! What pain! I hate pain. Would rather stick my boobs in a meat grinder.

And Kittyfoot is right, everything ALWAYS works on tv. Then you get it home. If it doesn't do what it's supposed to, I send it right back. There are so many gimmicks out there. TV is loaded with infomercials.

I say stick with what works for you.

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Catarina: I use Nair regularly, and once you get past the smell, it works pretty good now. I used it a few years ago and it did irritate my legs badly. I have to admit that it does irritate my forearms, which it comes into contact with as I spread it on my legs. But it doesn't irritate my legs any more. I use a 4-minute formula (think all Nair is 4-minute now)

I've used those Epilator machines and they HURT! Why not just have someone pluck your hairs out one-by-one?

I, too, prefer my men smooth-skinned. Nothing like making out and getting a mouthful of hair.. Blech!

Tigger I'd definitely see if you could get your money back! What kind of acid is in it?
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Dear Illusion :angel2:

Hi there! Hmmmm...I think there's some kind of procedure for getting your hair removed one by one! :laughing2:laughing2 That just may be the ticket for me! Gosh I hate shaving

Love &

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Catarina actually I dont really have a preference as to how much chest hair a man has. My husband has maybe 5 on his whole chest.
I just cant figure out why a man wants to shave his chest. My hubby cant figure it out either because he thought in his younger years especially that it would be great to have a lot of chest hair.

But as you were saying about yourself a lot of women do prefer no to little chest hair.
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