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Hair Chewing

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I have a cat that likes to chew my hair when I am sleeping. He does this especially in the morning, I guess to wake me up to eat. Every time I get him down off the bed, he just comes right back up and starts chewing again. He is very persistant !!

It really scares me about this, because there is hair spray on my hair. I hope one day he will not get sick.

Does anyone else have a problem like this?
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I did a long time ago and then I changed to organic shampoo and the chewing stopped. When I did research on this as to why it happens, I found that some soap and shampoo manufacturers use animal renderings in their products, thus the attraction from the cat who was chewing my hair.
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This used to happen to me as well. Once I switched to a citrus based shampoo and conditioner I never again had this problem!
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Alley does this to me also and she likes to lick my face
when im trying to sleep
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