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Morris has gone missing

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I don't know how the **** an indoor cat can go missing, Morris was here yesterday morning and when I came back from work yesterday at 2:30pm he was nowhere to be seen, I have torn this place backwards and sideways looking for him.

Cat food was placed out by my back door and I noticed it was eaten,I'm hoping by Morris and not the squirrels, thought I heard him meow outside so I went looking for him, nothing
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Is there any possible way Morris could have got out of your house/apartment, him being a house cat and all? Could someone else have let him out by mistake?

It's SUCH a worry when a kitty goes missing, maybe you should go outside and rattle his food packet or clank on a tin/food bowl with a spoon or fork to try and attract his attention. On the odd occasions when my indoor kitties escape (they're allowed out into the garden under supervision but occasionally disappear into next door's garden), the promise of food usually brings them scurrying back.

Good luck, I do hope you find Morris soon!!!
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Ok take a couple of deep breaths and systematically look through your house. Check behind things, inside of things, flip over your furniture carefully to see if he somehow got injured and crawled up inside. Look in closets, cupboards, etc until you are sure you have covered all the bases. Don't underestimate him, check every inch of space in your home, use a flashlight and do the check quietly, if he was scared or has been injured, you don't want him to hide from you.

Now, move outside, put a litterpan outside, sprinkle some of the *used* litter around to carry the scent off. The best time to find a cat outside is around 2-3 in the morning. The world is quiet then, and if he has gone to ground and is hiding, he will feel safe enough to come out. Take a half a dozen cans of cat food, go outside, and pop open each one slowly peel them back, run the lid back and forth many times to make as much noise as possible. If you have never fed tinned cat food, use a small box of friskies and rattle it. Sit down on the ground, close your eyes and listen. Relax, reach your mind out and listen for him, shake and open again-

Other things to do is talk to all your neighbors, make flyers, put them up eye level wherever you can. Talk to the mailman, the UPS driver, kids on bikes, anyone on foot. Is he microchipped? Call your vet, and the shelters- though quite honestly, no one turns lost cats over to the shelters anymore, they are to crowded.

Go to Meowhoo.com look under our category of Specialized Pet Services and then Pet Detectives. Sherlock Bones has a really good downloadable e-book about lost pets- I think it is $14.95 but well worth the price! Another thing to do is get a shirt really sweaty with your scent and get it outside into the wind. If you are in a neighborhood where someone would steal the shirt then strip it out, and hang the strips up. You want to direct Morris home. Put food, water and shelter outside for him.

Best of luck, I hope you find him!
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Any news on Morris?
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Yup!!! Came home lastnight from Toronto and he was sleeping on the couch!!!! Left a note with the neighbours to stick him in my apt if they see him.
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Oh what a relief!!! Time to put a LoJack on Morris.
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Glad to hear that it all worked out well...but I would still microchip him. I have 2 indoor only cats and I plan to get them microchipped at their next annual exam.

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Getting your cat microchipped is a very good idea. Just in case someone finds him and doesn't know who he belongs too. I have had some of my cats go up inside the couch and no matter how many times you call them, they won't come out. I am glad that Morris came home
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